practical reality is made up of events that seem entirely or relatively complete

While from another dimension it is apparent that our recognized events are simply portions of larger ones. Moving naturally, in a realm of greater dimensional events.

Seeing chunks of time, and also to some considerable extent view the probable actualizations of events and times.


An artist does the same thing in different terms, when he or she imagines the probable versions that a painting, or a book or a sculpture, for example, might take. The artist does not usually understand, however, that those probable art productions do literally exist; he or she perceives only the final, physically chosen work. Speaking simply, some of us are able to hold intact the nature of our own identities while following patterns of probable realities in which we also play a part.

In ways too difficult to explain, our probabilities are connected by certain themes, intents, purposes. Some of these appear as subsidiary interests in our own lives, for example. Others may well be recognized by us are unaware of them.


Consciousness is not dependent upon form, yet it always seeks to create form.

In a strange fashion, the word ‘invisibility’ has meaning only in our kind of world. There is no such thing as true psychological invisibility. The physical world is dependent upon the relationship of everything from electrons to molecules to mountain to oceans, and in the scheme of reality these are all interwoven with exquisite order, spontaneity, and a logic beyond any with which we are familiar.


The counterpart idea is merely a small attempt to hint at that interrelationship–an interrelationship that of course includes all species and forms of life.

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