Naive Realism.

The philosophical concept could be considered any time, since proponents believe that it’s unconsciously involved in practically all of our daily activities. Simply put, naive realism teaches that our visual and bodily senses several to us an external world as it really is–that we “see” actual physical objects, for instance.  Disbelievers say that neurological evidence contradicts this theory; that from the neurological standpoint the events in our lives and within our bodies depend upon interpretation by the brain, that we can know nothing directly, but only experience transmitted through–and so “colored” by–the central nervous system. The perceptual time lag, caused by the limited speed of light, is also involved in objections to naive realism, or some mind-brain idea very much like it, is habitually used whether we’re considering evolution within a time-oriented camouflage universe, painting a picture, or running a house hold. And after many centuries, the debate over the relationship between mind and brain continues, if first the existence of the mind is even agreed upon!


We actually create the typical camouflage patterns of our own universe in the same manner that we form a pattern with our breath in a glass pane. I do not necessarily mean that we are the creators of the universe. I am merely saying that we are the creators of the physical world as we know it–and here in, lies a vast tale.

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