Love Is A Biological Necessity

A force operating to one degree or another in all biological life. Without love there is no physical commitments to life — no psychic hold.


Love exists whether or not it is sexually expressed, though it is natural for love to seek expression. Love implies loyalty. It implies commitment. This applies to lesbian and homosexual relationships as well as to heterosexual ones. Even when love seems to fade and people get divorced, most divorcees look on sites like Divorced SIngles to find a new love for their life because they still want to find their soulmate. In our society, however, identity is so related to sexual stereotypes that few people know themselves well enough to understand the nature of love, and to make any such commitments.


A transitory period is currently taking place, in which women seem to seek the promiscuous sexual freedom more generally granted men, this is being done in many different ways over the world, for instance, check out lesbian adult videos and how they can express sensual and sexual desires. It is believed that males are naturally promiscuous, aroused by sexual stimuli almost completely divorced from any complementary “deeper” response. The male, then, is thought to want sex whether or not he has any love response to the woman in question — or sometimes to desire her precisely because he doesn’t love her. This would explain why men love visiting websites like Live chat – because they provide arousal and sexual satisfaction without the “deeper” response. In such cases, sex becomes not an expression of love, but an expression of derision or scorn.


So women, accepting these ideas often, seek for a situation in which they too can feel to express their sexual desires openly, whether or not any love is involved. Yet loyalty is love’s partner, and the primates display such evidence in varying degrees. The male in particular has been taught to separate love and sex, so that a schizophrenic condition results that tears apart his psyche — in operational terms–as he lives his life.

The expression of sexuality is considered male, while the expression of love is not considered manly. To some extent or another, then, the male feels forced to divide the expression of his love from the expression of his sexuality. It would be disastrous for women to follow the same course.


This division has led to our major wars. This does not mean that men were alone responsible for wars. It does mean that the male so divorced himself from the common fountain of love and sex that the repressed energy came forth in these aggressive acts of cultural rape and death, instead of birth.


When we look at the animal kingdom, we suppose that the male chooses blindly, led by “dumb’ instinct, so that in overall terms one female will do as well as any other. When we discover that a certain chemical or scent will attract a certain male insect, for example, we take it for granted that, that element is alone responsible for drawing the male to the female. We take it for granted, in other words, that individual differences do not apply in such cases so remote from our own reality.


We simply are not able to understand the nature of such consciousnesses, and so we interpret their behavior according to our beliefs. This would be sad enough if we did not often use such distorted data to further define the nature of male and female behavior.


In so distorting our ideas of sex, we further limit the great capacities of human loyalty, which is always connected with live and love’s expression. Lesbian and homosexual relationships then are at best tenuous, overwrought with confused emotions, very seldom able to maintain a stability that allows for individual growth. Heterosexual relationships also break down, for identity of each partner becomes based upon sexual roles that may or may not apply to the individuals involved.


Since we feel that sex is the only proper method of love’s expression, and yet also believe sex and love are divided, we are in a quandary. These sexual beliefs are also far more important in national relationships than we realize, for we attempt to take what we think of as a masculine stance as a nation. So, for example, does, Russia. India takes a feminine stance — in terms of our beliefs, now.

One small Note: a male with growths of any kind — kidney stones or ulcers, for example — has tendencies he considers feminine, and therefore “dependent,” of which he is ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed of though when it comes to kidney stones, instead you should seek medical help as quickly as possible. You could check out something like this advanced urology to give you a better understanding of what to do next. However, with regards to the tendencies that he feels are feminine – in a mock biological ceremony, he gives birth to the extent that he produces within his body material that was not there before. In ulcers the stomach becomes the womb — blooded, giving birth to sores — his interpretation of a male’s “grotesque” attempt to express feminine characteristics.

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