The Great biochemical differences among human beings at the molecular level

The  genetic structures of numerous proteins have been shown to be much more varied than was suspected. Even more pronounced are the differences among proteins between species. Each of us is seen to be truly unique–but at the same time those studying biological Darwinistic beliefs. Instead, I think that what has been learned so far offers only possible variations within the idea of evolution, for the talk is still about the origin of life out of non-life, followed by the climb up the scale of living complexity; most evolutionists think that natural selection, or the survival of the fittest, still applies.


Any role that consciousness might play in such biochemical processes isn’t considered, of course, nor is there any sort of mystical comprehension of what we’re up to as creatures. No matter how beautifully man works out a hypothesis of theory, he still does so with out any thought of consciousness coming first. Through the habitual (and perhaps unwitting) use of naive realism, he projects his or her own basic creativity outsides of himself or herself or any of his or her parts. He also projects upon cellular components like genes and DNA learned concepts of “protection” and “selfishness”: DNA is said to care only about its own survival and “knowledge,” and not whether its host is man, plant, or animal. Only man would think to burden such pervasive parts of his or her own being, and those of other entities, with such negative concepts! I don’t believe the allegations, how could the very stuff controlling inheritance not care about the nature of what it created? DNA doesn’t deserve to be regarded in such a fashion, no matter how much we push it around through recombination techniques.


DNA has motives for its physical existence [units of consciousness or conscious units ] that considerably enlarge upon its assigned function as the “master molecule” of life as we know it. Deoxyribo-nucleic acid may exist within its host, whether man, plant, or animal–or bacteria or virus–in cooperative altruistic ventures with its carrier that are quite beside purely survival ones.Some of those goals, such as the exploration of concepts like the moment point, or probabilities [and reincarnation ], really defy our ordinary conscious perception. In terms we can more easily grasp, social relationships within and between species maybe explored, starting at that biochemical level and working “upward.” Basically, then the postulated deadly struggle for survival of the fittest, whether between man and molecules, say, or among members of the same species. We have consciousness seeking to know itself in as many ways as possible, while being aware all of the time, in those terms, of the forth-coming “death” of its medium of expression, DNA, and of DNA’s host, or “physical machine.”

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