Fear-Driven energies have been taken for granted

Human beings have been reluctant over he centuries to tune into the telepathically transmitted information that is being given to them. We have essentially put on our cosmic blinders in favor of old superstitious ways. The fear of the unknown has kept their awareness locked in the dark recesses of our minds, pushed aside like leaves on the pathway. We choose to ignore many of the messages that would enable us to complete our soul’s evolution. Locked in the grip of fear and anger we flounder around like a fish out of water looking for answers to our dilemma. We are besieged with an abundance of negative stimuli from media. We are then flocking like geese to the nearest psychoanalyst to explain to us why we feel the way we do.

Often we are given prescriptions for a variety of medications and sent on our way. In this great mass of circular logic we rotate in and out of our perceived dilemma until the overload of our behavior finally gets the best of us through disease or illness – as is quite fashionable these days – to label these anomalies with syndromes of every type imaginable. Then the patient walks out of the medical office with the assumption that he or she has a justifiable condition and therefore can again push aside the inner voices of our consciousness for a more narrow-minded answer to our problems. We can then continue on our self-destructive path and be fully justified in doing so. We no longer have to confront our behavior and its source.

We merrily take our pills and go on about our daily business. Meanwhile our symptoms once again are pushed aside. This endless circle of behavior eventually catches up to us and we find ourselves with another physical malady and so it goes, on and on, one episode after the other. The disturbed energies of fear-driven society have been taken for granted in our everyday life The majority tenaciously cling to these ideas and refuse to accept any other explanations that are not grounded in scientific beliefs.

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