Expand the function of any family group, or cut it down, by deciding how precise oneself would be.

If one family deals with the nature of healing, then we can slice it down to the healing of a toe…an ear…an eye.


The categories [healing, teaching, or whatever] are general descriptions of the families of consciousness. We can split them up also and make further distinctions, if we choose. we can cut those divisions down. They merely represent interpretations that we can understand in our reality. In the most mundane of terms, some families are travelers, and some prefer to stay at home. ¬†characteristics of consciousness as it is embarked in physical form. These group are not set up as divisions, but to understand that consciousness is diversified–that usually each of us falls, because we want to, into a certain family. And there we acquire friends, alliances, and counterparts.


Besides the physical relationships that each of us know, therefore, we have other brothers and sisters, mothers and others, on a psychic level; and to that degree, we are not alone. If we do not like the families that we have, we have others to choose from.


Families fall generally into certain groups. In greater terms we can “cut the pie” however we want to, but we will still share an emotional and psychic feeling of belonging with the family of which we are part.


Each of us may often come together, forming a counterpart relationship when it suits our purposes.


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