Dolphins and whales are geniuses, possessing the ability of abstract thought to a high degree.

Dolphins deal with an entirely different dimension of reality. There is as yet no method of communication that can allow us to perceive their concepts of selfhood, or their [collective] vision of existence. They are sensitive, self-aware individuals. They are altruistic. They understand the nature of relativity, and they are not higher or lower than our own species. They simply represent a different kind of selfhood.


There is some relationship, at least in terms of our discussion, between the reality of the dolphins and the reality of the fetus. In our terms the fetus lives in primeval conditions, reminiscent of periods in the species’ past. It relates in its own way to its environment. Now for some consciousnesses this is sufficient. In our terms, for each of us, it was sufficient.

Dolphins and Whales are not only similar to certain species that lived on our own planet in the past, but representing bleed-throughs from probable realities in which water-dwelling mammals predominate.

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