I am purposely trying to lead us into a larger, more expansive way of looking at ourselves and the world in which we live.


Several levels of consciousness are appealed to at once. The threads of human work are interwoven so that various portions of our consciousness are sent out, so to speak, on separate journeys of thought and imagination. Yet these side trips are also related. They intertwine, not only through the psychic organization, but because of the great uniting nature within the consciousness of each human.

Each human has journeyed to a new position within the psyche. Each person sets out upon a psychic pilgrimage through the unknown of his or her own consciousness and experience. No one can predict the destination.


To the extent that we do not know oneself, we do not know our husband, or wife, or mother or father. To the extent that we do not know oneself, we do not know what God is. To the extent that we do not know oneself, we do not know what nature is. The unknown reality exists to the extent that we do not travel joyfully through the intimate lands of the psyche, to the extent that we do not directly experience our life as original, but accept labels put on it by others. The  unknown reality exists as a challenge an exciting endeavor, as each individual becomes consciously awake of intimate subjective feeling. Do not overlay the personal daily aspects of our life with preconceived ideas about who we are, what we are, where we are, why we are. Become aware of the original nature of any given moment as it exists for you.

For get what we have been told about time and space. Refuse to accept ideas that limit the dimensions of our own natural being.The unknown reality is what we are.

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