Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks.

Memories of past lives would not be handled by the outer ego, simply because this ego is too concerned with daily life in a physical reality to deal with extra information.


We know too little about too many things to discount such a possibility as foolish or meaningless. We do not know enough about the human personality as it exists in the present to be able to say what it was or was not in the past. Even our idea of time itself is changing. Is it possible that in dreams we see glimpses of our past environments, streets and places we knew in previous lives.


Dreams, key dream symbols, and reincarnation. Dreams are seen as containing information concerning past, present and future, with the key symbols so cunningly chosen by the inner ego that the same symbols make sense to all layers of the subconscious. One symbol, then, could refer to events from the present life and events of a past life, while also holding meaning for the future.

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