Condensed time is the time felt or experienced by the entity, while personalities ‘live’.

On a plane of physical materialization. To go into this a bit further, many men and women have said that life was a dream. They were true to the facts in one strong regard, and yet far afield as far as the main issue is concerned.


Individual life, or the life of the present individual, could be legitimately compared to the dream of an entity. While the individual suffers and enjoys his [or her] given number of years in the same manner that we are concerned with our own dreams. And as our dreams originate with us, arise from us, attain a seeming independence and have their ending with us, so an entity’s personalities arise from it, attain various degrees of independence, and return to it while never leaving it for an instant.


The entity organizes its personalities and to some extent directs their activities while still allowing them what we would call free will. There exist infinities of diversity and opportunity for the personalities.


The entity itself does not have to keep constant check on its personalities, because in each one there is an inner self-conscious part that knows its origin. Some part of us knows exactly how much oxygen the lungs breathe, and how, much energy it takes to pace a floor, and this is the part of us. It is the self-conscious part that receives all inner data.


The part that translates inner data sifts it down through the subconscious, which is a barrier and also a threshold to the present camouflage personality.The topmost part of the subconscious contains personal memories, that beneath these are racial memories, and so forth. Things are simply not layered in the way we think of them, but continuing with the necessary analogy, on the other side of (or beneath, to us) the racial memories, we no longer exist within our plane; we look out upon another with that face of this other self-conscious part of us. This part receives inner data, is in contact with the entity to some greater degree than we are in contact with our dreams, and actually directs all of the important functions that we think are either automatically or unconsciously controlled.


When such abilities as telepathy occur, this telepathic function is carried on continually by this other self-conscious part of us; but as a rule we act upon those data without the knowledge of the conscious self with which we are familiar.




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