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the multidimensional soul

Some of us may not understand how we can Live many lives at the same time. I will try to explain. The energy of oneself that encompasses the greater portions of the actualized self is capable of branching-out portions of itself into other lives to experience them. You have an infinite amount of energy that we could be using to achieve this. The physical manifestation of self in our time frame is only but a minute portion of the totally of who we are. The diagram that I drew up to help us focus on our point of power would somewhat illustrate this. As always,we choose how many lives we wish to experience at any given time. Each time our energy makes the transition from a physical body to our home dimension, some of that energy is returned to the whole if we choose. We may bring as much energy as we feel that we need into each life, This would be evident in some of our great leaders, who have brought greater amounts of energy into those lives because it would be needed to accomplish their objectives.

If we can envision this clearly, we will experience lives in the same way as that The Creator, distributing different portions of our total energy into different lives to be experienced whenever and however we wish. It is also quite possible for us to experience more than one life in a given timeframe. Separate souls on different aspects of the evolutionary path. Of these simultaneous lives, some portions may be in one part of the world living out their lives, while others that are quite unaware of, may be living out their lives in another part of the world or even on other planets for that matter. All is possible, yet we have focused on our perceived reality as the only one we have or will ever have. It is simply not the case.

The following illustration will help us visualize the concepts I have presented here in its very limited sense as there is far more to the greater reality of self than this limited diagram. Envision the total energy of oneself as we branch out to all of our simultaneous incarnational lives. The diagram illustrates envisioning a matrix of energy as the main portion of our soul’s energy, the portion that we have brought into this life and other portions in our other simultaneous lives that we are not focusing on in this current life. We are at present using a portion of our energy to focus in this timeframe. All of our simultaneous lives are still continuing to exist. If we wish to affect them, we will need to focus on sending our healing energies from this point of power to them. In doing so, we are able to branch out to the rest of our lives, thus affecting our past, our present and our future. The information that we send in a positive light with an abundance of love, will affect those lives in a most beneficial way and further our own spiritual evolution.


Often times in the dream state other realities will be revealed to us and in the dream state we communicate with our other selves all the time. We are not able to focus on more than one timeframe for very long though in the waking state, due to the portions of the brain that we refer to as gray matter. Certain portions of the brain could handle the simultaneous material, but only for a limited time. In other words, we cannot live and experience all of our lives at once in our dream/waking state in our current physical body. With the expansion of our consciousness these areas of the brain are being activated. It is quite possible for us to experience some of our multiple selves with meditation and hypnosis. Some individuals are capable of tapping into past and future lives as we think of them in the hypnotic state. We are always learning from the experiences of our probable selves being the thoughts and impulses that we did not act upon. Even though we did not actualize those thoughts with our actions in this point of power, nevertheless they are real and are still being carried out in the same manner that our life is as we know it.

Let me give you an example here: suppose at a young age, you are a woman or maybe a man and you either had a child or fathered a child. Then that child either died or maybe was given up for adoption. Either way, you were not part of the child’s experience still lives on as a probable reality that you did not manifest into action but nonetheless the energy of the thoughtform still continued on. If you want to experience that probably reality for your self in this point of power, imagine to yourself starting at the beginning of the experience when you made whatever decision. Now you are experiencing another probable reality within your life that you did not actualize into form in this point of power. You can take this as far as you want to and eventually it will lead you to another probable outcome of one of your probable selves. These probable selves are all extensions of your consciousness. They are experiences of your greater energy source that you have not focused on or acted out in your present point of power. However, they are as valid as the present focused reality in which you are engaged as you read this blog.

Now our conscious mind and our biological nature are of one. They cannot be separated and they function harmoniously together. The thoughts of our conscious mind directly affect our biological self. Our conscious mind directs the activity of the self and allows it the freedom to move around our environment. It is the directive needed to maintain our existence from millisecond to millisecond. All the cells in our body rely on it to carry out their orders for our state of being. So our thoughts, for they also have the impetus to seek out their own fulfillment. They are expressed through our desires to make them into our reality, to experience them through the creative development of our creaturehood. As the cells in our body respond to the stimulus of our thoughts and the manifestations of our actions, we are co-creating our reality with the many probable realities available to us, thus expending our consciousness. Since we have free will, we will only experience and believe what we want to, but as we awaken to the endless possibilities of our reality we will be presented with a greater challenge to those beliefs. We will be opening the doors to the vast richness of our being and in doing so other areas of self will start to unfold and reveal themselves to us.

In coming together as a species, not as a race or races, but as humans together in a collective consciousness for the happiness and health of all and acceptance of all, the alignment begins and so does the healing, the healing of the wounds of mankind from the separation of selves. There is no separation from us and every living thing throughout the Universes and the consciousness of All That Is. The God consciousness is within us, not outside of us the way we believe it to be. It is internally integrated into every cell of our being. It cannot be removed and set up on a cloud to look down upon us in judgment of us. The only judgment comes from self’s limited perceptions of who he is and his expectations of self based on the acceptance and opinions of others. As one breaks away from his/her exterior reality and belief systems and starts to focus on his/her inner reality, he/she will find most if not all the answers that he/she is searching for. In a way, the inner reality provides all the stimulus and information we need to experience the outer reality. We do not need interference of external stimuli that is not grounded in the fulfillment of the happiness of the soul. In discovering the scientific facts about our biological nature, that we hold to be the reality of our being, external stimuli so to speak, we remove ourselves farther and farther from the knowledge we so desperately wish to attain. That knowledge lies within the consciousness of every living, not within the physical framework. When we truly understand the uniqueness of consciousness, then we will begin to experience the answers that we are searching for.

If we did not feel the need to manipulate and destroy our outside reality and instead focused on the wisdom of our inner reality, there would be no need for wars or devastation on our planet. We would be consciously in balance with nature and all living things including oneself. At one time on this planet this is how we lived in our ancient civilizations, but we grew away from this in pursuit of other stimuli. We essentially threw oneself out of balance and have been trying to get back ever since. When reading this blog, it is my sincerest desire that all of us will begin the awakening and start to enjoy the benefits of the vast library of knowledge that is inwardly available to us and start to look at our lives with a renewed interest in our planet and the other life forms that have so willingly sacrificed their lives for our unnecessary pursuit of external knowledge. All the answers lie within. All we have to do is listen. Below is another exercise to assist us in understanding and healing other portions of our energy.

If I may ask you to look at it in this light: Imagine yourself standing in front of a large wall approximately thirty feet long and fifteen feet high. Now, on this wall starting from the left and moving to the right are markers, say every two inches, stacked in rows with approximately one foot between them from upper to lower. The wall may have several thousand markers. To make this simple we will say one thousand markers. Each marker is a life play that you wish to experience with a script of probable realities co-created by you and others. They do not necessarily have to be experienced in any order. Starting at the top left end would be timeframes from your past as you perceive it and move progressively to the right and across and then down again and across always moving to the right. Each move to the right moves into a timeframe ahead of the one prior and eventually far into the future as you perceive it, say thousands of our years ahead of your life as you know it now. What I want you to do in this exercise is focus on your point of power in this timeframe. I would like you to send thoughts of loving and healing energy to all of the markers on the wall. These markers again represent lives that you may or may not be participating in. The idea here is to use your point of power in the NOW to heal your simultaneous lives and bring them into the light.

The wall also represents the many lives available to you when you make the transition of your energy from the Earth plane to the home dimension where you did your life review. As I mentioned earlier, you enter through a holographic matrix into several of those lives to determine the ones you would like to incarnate into. This happens more than you are aware of as souls step into probable lives on our Earth planet. They are able to manifest themselves briefly into lives through the use of the hologram. It is only an illusion to the souls already on Earth when they appear, but nonetheless quite real within the framework of illusion on the Earth plane. When the souls sheds the body of a life completed, the soul may choose any of the other lives that has carefully created to experience. It is like going to school, one grade completed and then you move on. So it is with the life and death experience of soul.

You may, as you look at this wall, go back or forward in time to experience these lives, since there is no time outside the framework of the Earth plane. Timeframes were set in place for the benefit of soul on Earth. It would be too much for the soul’s total energy to focus on experiencing just one of the lives at one time. The total sum of energy of your being would be too much for one physical body to withstand. The soul focuses a portion of its energy in as many lives as it chooses, each one focusing on its own point of power in that timeframe to fully experience that life and in doing so is constantly altering the experiences of the other lives. The other selves are not aware of it consciously, however all influence each other’s experiences.

There are many probable realities in each life and we will choose those we wish to manifest as our perceived reality in any given life. The other probable realities will still be experienced, but we will not be focusing on them. For instance, when the lessons of our current life are learned and experienced, they can be done with if we choose not to experience them again. Some of those same lessons will be written into other lives as well. Since those lessons were learned and experienced, they no loner need to be manifested in the other lives. Usually we will incarnate into a life with at least three or four lessons that we wished to master the learning experience from. We have free will and since there are thousands of lives to choose from, we may choose to focus on another life or lives with a completely different set of circumstances. All choices are made by us with our free will.

Oftentimes there will be counseling from the elders of the Council as to which life would be appropriate for this portion of our energy to focus on the next time around, but even that is only advice and we will always have the freewill to choose. We do not have to focus on each and every one of the thousands of lives we have set up for oneself unless we choose to do so. Others may take our place if we wish to abandon one or many. We may do the same with other’s probable lives and step into situations that others souls have abandoned. Most often this interplay is contained within the soul groups that we usually incarnate with. The majority of our life experiences are experienced within that same group, switching back and forth as mother, father, child etc. Many of these lives we have already focused on and experienced at this point in our evolution, so we will choose from the remaining ones where certain lessons and experiences still need to be mastered.

In gaining a clear understanding of the life/death process, mankind/womankind can erase his/her fears and embrace the transition of his/her energy with love. Our loved ones will be with us in what seems to be the blink of an eyes when we are not in a physical body and have returned to our soul’s home. Earth lives are quite short because of all the negativity and stress associated with our current evolutionary aspect of the Earth plane. It is necessary, for the soul would be too traumatized if life were any longer and would not wish to experience other lives. Many times this happens and the soul will wait what appears to be hundreds of Earth years to enter into another life or lives to focus upon.

These situations are unplanned, they are part of the will and plan of The Creator. Every probable reality in each life is planned with all involved within the group and even outside of the group. We share our lives with many of the same souls over and over again, for these souls are the ones closest to us and we all have agreed to experience these lives together to learn. Sometimes we incarnate with other portions of oneself incarnated with us, part of our total energy. Simultaneously living together in the same timeframe and sometimes in the same family, lessons are learned, so to speak, through oneself, with oneself. What we perceive to be our worst enemy may just be a part of our total energy and another extension of us.

As we look at others, we may be looking at a reflection of ourselves and at oneself. All is possible. Our energy is a very minute part of the infinite energy source of All that Is, nonetheless enough for this vast energy source to experience every emotion and life experience. No two souls will experience the same situation in the same way. Each will have its own interpretation of the experience even though the experience may appear to be identical. The energy of ALL That Is therefore is experiencing every facet of humanity and of other Universes through the manifestation of its energy into souls.

As mankind/womankind desires tranquility and love on his/her planet so it will be brought forth. As we change our reality with our thoughts and abandon our fears, we will no longer be terrorized. Our thoughts are the most powerful energy in all of creaion for they create our experiences. They initiate the thrust of action on our part and manifest our experience into our reality. Knowing this, understand that our reality is what we create. The manuscripts of our religions project onto us the visions of heaven and hell. Mankind’s/womankind’s heaven and hell are his/her own projections ofactualized thoughtforms manifested into reality on the Earth plane. It is what he creates for himself/herself through his/her thoughts and actions that will determine his/her beliefs about his/her reality and whether he/she is living in his/her fel or his/her heaven.

What we manifest through our thoughts and beliefs we create for our perceived reality. It’s that simple. If we wish to live in fear and terror, we will. If we wish to live in joyous harmony with our planet and its beings, we will. Since we are moving into the unity of consciousness dimension, what we manifest by virtue of our thoughts will be instantly created for us. This is why it is imperative that our thoughts be purified. If we move into this dimension with thoughts of fear for example, then our fears will instantly be manifested into our reality. For some of us this could appear to be very frightening depending on what we have envisioned for ourselves.

Each time we catch oneself harboring negative thoughts, be consciously aware of them and remind oneself that we are working towards eliminating this kind of thinking. This isn’t going to happen over night, however with repetitive conscious reminders to oneself in each instance it will start to manifest itself into our daily reality. Before too long we will respond with positive thoughts to situations instead. For instance, someone may cut in front of you while driving and because of your old conditioning you may feel that they did it deliberately or whatever. Instead you may say to yourself, “This person just didn’t judge the distance too well or maybe they are a new driver.” A harmless positive thought instead of an angry negative thought. That’s all it takes to start reconditioning our thoughts. Granted there will always be some situations that will be hard to justify and we will have to do our best to find some good in it.

If we observe other individuals, we will notice that there are always some people who are happy, no matter what. It is because they have not subscribed to the fear-based belief system of our world. They have decided that they will experience their lives joyously and they will not let fear grip their reality. They are in control of their thoughts and most often negative thoughts would not even enter into their thinking. They will most often see only the positive outlook to any situation even if they have made it up in their minds. These individuals have already evolved themselves into a fourth-dimensional consciousness in many ways. They are walking among us. When we meet one of them we know it immediately because we are most likely drawn to them. They make us feel good and we like to be around them. They validate us and show their love for us without prejudice or fear of rejection. This is what it will be like for all of us in this dimension where there is no fear and no terror. Life will be joyously experienced for the happiness of all as our soul was meant to live. We will begin to learn the art of cooperation with others and the wonderful feeling of expressing the Divine qualities of our soul openly to the world.

As fears are erased we will be able to communicate with other LIght Beings throughout the Universes and share universal knowledge, for we will understand that The Creator or God if you call it that, wears many outfits, in many colors, to fully experience everything in the Universe that he wishes to. As we grow in the knowledge that is so rightfully ours and reawaken to ourselves, we evolve. If we ignore fear and do not understand and embrace it, then it will grow and become our reality. If we want peace, we will have it. Create it with our thoughts. Believe in it and believe in the power of our being to do so. This probable reality will indeed manifest itself if humanity would consciously come together and make this happen.

Now let us discuss the relationship of the ego to the soul. Many of our fears about death are based in the reality of the ego. They have no power in the soul’s reality. We have let the ego take control of our knowledge. The ego does not want to die, but the ego is not us, the soul is us. The ego is a manifestation of the mind experience. The ego separates our soul from its development. Consciously, with our perceived sets of beliefs, we have let the ego take over our thoughts. However, soul knows differently and in dream state is oftentimes living the life that we have consciously denied ourselves in the waking state. Our dreams are a great reflection of the many facets of soul’s experiences in this life that we are focusing on. Soul travels to all of them, i all timeframes during the sleep state. We are consciously unaware of it, however if we take the time to write down our dreams we may be surprised to see how much they can reveal to us.

The ego is very protective and will deny the soul’s reflection of itself through the body. It does not want to acknowledge the soul aspect of our being. It is only concerned with itself and the physical body in which it resides. As we open our eyes and begin to validate you-the-soul, our ego-self will do its best to foil those attempts by reminding us of our fears and doubts. It is a master at trickery and deception for it is ruled by the materialistic force of dark. For cons our soul has been incarnating over and over again always striving to reflect itself through the physical vehicle. The ego has stood in its way much of the time. To some degree our physical vehicle needs the ego for it has been useful in our survival. The soul and the ego must learn to cooperate with each other for the good of the total being. When that happens the soul will have finally mastered its vehicle and will no longer need to incarnate into it. That is the goal of the soul when taking on physical incarnations. The lessons you are to learn and experience from are always related in some way or the other to the ego. When the soul has mastered this aspect of its reality it will no longer be tethered to its lower dimension.

The ego will do whatever necessary to invalidate the soul for it perceived its very existence to be threatened by the soul. The soul would not behave the way the ego does and it knows this. It is looking for validation in the physical body that it is lackig in the spiritual body. This causes many problems within our soul. Since our birth we have been invlidated in one way or the other. Our religions invalidate us with their dogma that we have subscribed to these beliefs. The Christ consciousness did not come here to die for our sins. We are not sinners unworthy of living our life. This is man’s/woman’s idea of himself/herself, projected onto the masses through the guise of religion. Our souls are full of love that radiates with brilliant light. The man-made/woman-made religious beliefs of being a sinner and unworthy invalidated us if we did not conform to their perceived sets of beliefs. As soon as we were able to communicate our desires as a child, the invalidation began and continued all through our lives in one form or the other. We are beautiful, bright, loving beings worthy of all that we desire. Mankind/womankind builds great walls of separation around himself/herself in the hopes of being invulnerable to his/her beliefs and fears. Our pent-up emotions eventually must be released and often they are in a variety of ways, either with disease of the physical being of in acts of uncontrolled negative aggression against others. We were not meant to live like this. We have created for ourselves such a whirlwind of fear and anxiety in our everyday lives that our life spans have actually shortened.

Without the medical advances that our scientists have made to keep us alive longer, many of us would be dying off much younger. It is quite possible for humans to live hundreds of years in future lives on the planet after we have mastered our fears. Our stress levels will be greatly diminished and we will be free to experience the beauty of our being and the wonders of our planet, other planets and their life forms. As we learn to live our life without dear, then we will truly have started to evolve our consciousness forward. Trust in ourselves and our future and we will open up to the wisdom of our truth. We will experience peace and joy and we will know the God wuth us.

The realities of a distorted world

Now , I want to discuss the mentality and belief system behind the terrorists and their followers. Whenever a society has allowed their beliefs to be predicted on the beliefs of one individual it is a recipe for disaster. Under conditions of hopelessness and despair it is easy for many individuals to look for hope in the promises of others. Many individuals are fearful of experiencing themselves and feel that they have no power over their own being. They suffer from extreme feelings of guilt and unrest. Often they become so paranoid and delusional that their reality seems only marginal at best. When the mass beliefs systems of many appear to be norm, these individuals subscribe to the reality of their leaders instead. They have essentially given up on their own power and handed it over to their leaders. Oftentimes, as is the case with the guise of religion. The religious indoctrination in the Eastern cultures starts at a very young age and is accepted by all. Many atrocities have been perpetrated under the auspices of religion.

The leaders themselves are often quite paranoid and their reality straddles between the dream state and the physical waking state. It is often difficult for them to decipher between two. They are usually individuals with a sense of grandeur and cannot relate to the rest of society. It is their greatest satisfaction to remake their reality into one in which they are the leaders. They will go to whatever lengths they have to at the expense of others if needed to get their point across, all the while feeling completely justified in doing so. In their attempt to project their beliefs on the rest of the world they have attracted the powerless ones as followers. The reality of the leaders then becomes the reality of the followers all sharing the same distorted set of beliefs. The paranoid leaders then systematically undertake the process of eliminating everything that does not conform to their beliefs. The leaders then often turn into raging fanatics. Since they have now gained a certain amount of momentum it becomes easier for them to reinforce their delusional beliefs. Their followers all along are reinforcing these beliefs. They are indeed frightened of the nature of their existence. They will go along with whatever their leaders have in store for them since they are under the belief that they cannot exist on their own. They are caught between different conflicting sets of beliefs and have decided that they must turn over the responsibility for their state of being to someone else. They are looking for anyone they can to take over the job of making decisions for them.

It is easy to see the fanatic leaders can gain such momentum. Usually the “evil ones” are perceived as the ones who will not conform to the fanatic leader’s system of beliefs. In order to rid the the world of these disruptive individuals, in their minds, they must resort to violence and mass deaths, again using religion as the justification behind the cause. I will say this again, “Killing of any kind is a violation of Universal Law.” It is not tolerated and when these souls make the transition of their energy upon their physical death, they will most assuredly see what I mean. The followers eventually succumbed to the madness of their leaders, since they feel they have no voice with that of their leaders. To these followers death is their final statement. Some cultures believe that a martyr’s death is a holy thing. In fighting for their distorted religious beliefs and the mass beliefs of the members of their organizations, they perpetrate their madness upon the rest of the world, again feeling fully justified in doing so. An effective brainwashing indeed to allow for the leaders to fully carry out their plans of attempting to make the world conform to their beliefs, all in the name of God.

We have a natural response to the thoughts of others though and generally speaking have built-in protections from becoming entranced in another’s beliefs. It is only those who feel that they have no power of their own who fall prey to the belief systems of others. Those are the ones who would rather give the responsibility of their thinking to someone else rather than confront their own conflicting sets of beliefs. Oftentimes as these individuals move away from the mainstream religious indoctrination they get caught up in fanatic cults that our societies have been experiencing in recent years. Their ideas and thoughts attempt to move as many minds into the realm of their thinking, thus removing them from the mainstream of society. Once removed from the mainstream the leaders then have complete control over the ideas and movements of their followers.

Fear is the primary tool that these leaders use to keep their followers in the group. The other is rewards, rewards they they believe and are convinced of by their leaders, that they will most assuredly obtain when they give up their lives for the movement. Most often the followers will abandon everything in pursuit of these new sets of beliefs. As the followers grow in numbers, the beliefs are then reinforced stronger until the point when the rest of the world is perceived as the enemy, the enemy that does not understand their perceived enlightened state of being, because this is how most if not all see this new revelation of experience. Since it is not the norm for the rest of society, then it must be something new for only the chosen to experience. These individuals perceive themselves as the new leaders of the pack, out to manifest the ideas of their leaders as good little soldiers would do.They become so entwined in these new sets of beliefs and often they will fight to the death to get the distorted point of their idealistic leaders, and now themselves, across.

As governments will do, they go in and blow the perceived enemy up, thinking that killing them off will solve the problem. The belief systems of the people have not been changed though and many more will spawn and continue the movement unless the beliefs of these fanatic individuals can be realigned. If left unchecked and to their own devises these fanatic groups will wreak havoc on the rest of the world’s societies. They fully believe that they are justified in using whatever means available to them to get their point across. Hitler was another example of a paranoid fanatic gone awry and the projected mass belief system that was able to sway so many individuals into the realms of his thinking.

Humanity is on the verge of making giant leaps in the further evolution of its souls and is starting to awaken to the systematic indoctrination of beliefs that they have for so long accepted. We can make a difference in this world by telepathically sending messages of love to these individuals. We can surround them and their nations with a ray of The Creator’s healing light. As we surround oneself with love light and use our own positive intuitions and abilities, motivated by love for our fellow man/woman to send our messages, we are then making a difference in changing the world for the betterment of mankind/womankind. The exercise below can be used whenever we wish to bring some positive healing energy to another.

This is simple to do and quite effective. Whenever you choose, envision a ray of The Creator’s healing bright light beaming down directly on another. You may envision the ray on one individual or many. For instance: when driving in one’s car, if you experience a driver under the control of negative energies, envision a ray of this light descending down upon them. Focus all of your energies on sending loving thoughts to that person and surrounding them with a protective shield of light. Ask that The Creator remove the negative energies away from their soul and heal their thoughts. You may then keep the ray on them for the rest of their day if you wish. Just ask that it remain and it will.

Let us give some thought here to idealism and fanaticism. In a way each being on Earth is an idealist to some extent. Most individuals devote a good portion of their daily lives actualizing their idealized goals. It is most important to be aware of your actions and monitor them on a daily basis to ensure that you’re realizing your ideals and that they are in line with the soul aspects of self. It is when your idealism turns into the negative and controlling arena that problems arise. If you are willing to express your idealism at any price to others no matter what, then you have engaged in fanaticism. This can be seen with the leaders of the terrorist’s organizations, political leaders, politicians, corporations and religious groups and cults. Anywhere you see a select group of individuals trying to control the masses you will find idealists in some form or another.

Fanatics are inverted idealists with visions of grandeur and an obsessive desire for power. Anyone or thing is dispensable in order to achieve their distorted version of the world. They do not tolerate dissent or opposition to their perceived vision of reality. Oftentimes money is the driving force behind these unscrupulous beings. They perceive money as power, so the more they amass, the more power they feel that they have. All the while, these individuals have had issues with their own lack of power for the majority of their lives. They have decided that mankind/womankind is evil and that they are going to take what they can get by whatever means necessary, always justifying their actions in pursuit of their perceived ideals. Ideally there is nothing wrong in wanting to change the world for the better, but when “for the better” comes with unrealistic visions that create fear and cultivate greed and ignore the desire for mankind/womankind to experience his/her soul’s essence in a peaceful way, then we have stepped into the role of fanatic.

If we are willing to violate Universal Law and kill one another in the pursuit of peace or our distorted version of reality then we have only perfected the art of killing, not just physical killing, but killing the spirits in the minds and hearts of mankind/womankind and animals. There is more than one way to kill, and all of it is a violation. Anytime humanity is willing to sacrifice the lives of beings whether animals, plants of other humans it is a violation. They have lost respect for life of any kind and that is itself is a step towards the further erosion of our environment and our societies. Only when humanity can demonstrate with their actions that all life is sacred and that all living things are part of the Divine energy of The Creator, can we begin to evolve our consciousness.

Our perceived beliefs are what get us into so many wars, unnecessary wars, as all are, for they have no value. We have only succeeded in identifying oneself with a defensive illusion. Both sides are fanatical about their perceived sets of beliefs and are unwilling to tolerate the perceived beliefs of the other. Now, the terrorist organizations that our world is currently experiencing are a matter of great concern to Beings of Light, for they are truly influenced by negative energies and must be dealt with for the peaceful survival of the planet. In our world presently, because of this threat, war has been projected to the masses as the only answer that our governments can undertake. There are other alternatives, though our leaders are unwilling to entertain them. Killing for the sake of peace leaves humanity with a true lack of understanding of peace.

I will give you just a small, belief synopsis about one of the terrorist leaders. He often was overindulged, living within the confines of his family “palaces” as he liked to think of them. He maintained much power over the rest of his siblings, often in a very negative light. He realized early on in his adulthood that her was able to manipulate anybody he chose to by virtue of his charm. He set himself out to be very charming for he realized that he had much more control over others using this tactic. He was quite powerful within those structures in his own right; however this was not enough to satisfy his/her enormous appetite for power and ego-gratification.

The unfortunate thing about this individual is that he so easily manipulates others with his/her charm and leads others down this same path of self-destruction. He was not pleased to be exiled from his home base and took on a vengeance that he swore he would make others pay. He is an idealist and a fanatic, caught up in his own version of reality the way he has created it and envisioned it. He has been ostracized by most of his family and that further enrages this being. He is now so obsessed with power of getting his point across and regaining the power that he feels that he lost, that he will use whatever means necessary at whomever’s expense to justify the means. He has assumed a self-righteous attitude now, masquerading behind the guise of religion and convincing his followers that he is the right hand of Allah. Because of the great wealth of this individual, he has latched himself onto a nation of people in turmoil with false promises under a religious mask.

Understand, his followers were in and are in a situation where they feel helpless and any answer to the current plight of the peoples is going to be a welcome one even if it entails mass killings. Since the people of this nation do not trust the leaders of the Western world along with other nations of power, and rightfully so, they will turn to one of their own for answers whatever those answers may be. The Middle East has been known by all in the Universe as one of the vortexes of the negative entities. It is going to be a great struggle to release these nations from the grips of this reality and change their way of thinking. No matter how many bombs our nations drop, the ideas and the movement have infiltrated all aspects of society in all nations to some degree or another. When the belief systems are aligned with the will and plan of The Creator, we will have peace.

Changing the consciousness of mankind/womankind

Oneself The Creator

The probabilities now are present for us to quite literally propel ourselves into the harmonics of the higher dimensions by changing our individual and mass consciousness. A vast multidimensional experience awaits all of humanity. Mankind/womankind is starting to acknowledge that his/her consciousness is now beginning to become aware of its greater self. In allowing that expansion there lies the potential to experience the greater realities of our being. It is time for us to take off the blindfold and open oneself up to the full dimensions of our spiritual, physical and mental abilities. Opening up our consciousness to the impulses and messages that are inherently ours would allow our consciousness to fully experience itself. As our consciousness develops, our neurological and biological systems will evolve. Humans at this time are expanding their neurological connections within the brain. Latent areas often thought of as gray matter with no functional capabilities are being triggered into activity. As this happens our being will become more and more aware of the multidimensional nature of its existence.

As our consciousness evolves, so does our God image. It will move itself towards our idealized goals and probabilities, serving as psychic stimuli to effect change. We are creators of our reality. Our ‘soul-self’ had a hand in the creation of this planet and all of its living forms. Our ability to manipulate energy and create life forms is second nature to us when we are not focused in this physical Earth reality. Our abilities far exceed what we are bale to perceive in the limited third dimension. As our consciousness evolves, we will become a more conscious co-creator and be able to to tap into the vast realms of knowledge available to you. Mankind/womankind has an innate comprehension of past, present and future probabilities and a built in desire to cooperate with all living species for the greater good of the planet. We have consciously blocked much of this information from our being because of our dogmatic perceived sets of beliefs and our unwillingness to look inside ourselves for answers.

Always our ideas of good and evil stand in the way of our soul’s development. There are many forces within the world as we know it that are invisible to us. Yet if they were presented to us, we would run and hide, for they do not fit into our limited sets of beliefs. We have been so indoctrinated with beliefs of others that we have literally dammed up the evolution of our being. You cannot see the wind for example, but we know it is there. We cannot see God for example, but we know he/she is there, because these are our beliefs. Then why not believe that there is more to our being than our ego-perceptive materialized form. In changing our consciousness, one must acknowledge that there is more to life than what is right in front of our eyes. The total sum of the energy of self reaches far beyond the comprehension of even our most astute scientists. It is there, it is real, it is all of us and it is All That Is.

There are many energy entities around us although we cannot perceive them. Since they do not fit into the order of our perceived reality, we deny their existence. We have been subtly told about them in various sci-fi movie creations although we always portray other planetary beings as evil and scary and out to take over our bodies. I would assure that in this point in time in our world’s history that is not the case. Beings of LIght have no use for a dense physical body on the Earth plane. They have already moved through that phase of their evolution and are all part of the same energy source that is infinite. It would also behooved mankind/womankind to abandon the idea that his/her death is final. Energy cannot die. We do not die. Our energy is merely transformed, into another dimension.

It should be apparent to most of us with the introduction of some of our current movies and television shows, that what we have denied as real, is certainly very real. It is totally within the realms of our magnificent being to communicate with any or all departed loved ones. It is simply a matter of listening and not dismissing what we hear as our own babbling. Those of us who have made the transition of our energy to the higher dimensions, as well as those who are still waiting on the Astral levels, are very capable of communicating with us and us with them. As our communications with beings in other dimensions will be commonplace. If we would just listen, we would be amazed at what we might hear. Our conscious lives are so full of our present daily activities that we have not stopped to smell the roses, to coin a phrase that we use. Many of our departed loved ones are anxiously awaiting communications with us. All we have to do is tune in. Their energy is as real as ours and they are no more dead than we are right now as one read this blog. They love us and are watching out for us.

Beings of Light are very concerned with the entities on Earth, for our thoughts and actions in our present point of power affect the future of the planet. We have the capabilities of communicating with other selves to influence the life that we are living in different time frames in order to improve or avoid disasters in those chosen lives. We do this in the dream state on a regular basis. Some of us are now developing this ability in the waking state and are able to communicate with different portions of our energy in different lives and timeframes. That is happening for many of us now in our world.

We all communicate with other aspects of ourselves. Both of these entities are communicating with various aspects of the Self entity of which we all are part, for we are aspects of ourselves in another dimensional-timeframe. To further clarify, the Self who I am is also a part of another vaster entity as a whole. So I am only another portion of our total Self. We are all part of the same entity only in different dimensions and elements of time and space.

I would like to discuss our thoughts in relation to our health in the present awakening. In order to raise the consciousness of mankind/womankind, man/woman themselves must be aware of the human condition and the environmental changes going on around him/her. He/she can no longer be oblivious to current situations within his/her own ecosystem and his/her body. As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, we are fully capable of creating a harmonious state of health for ourselves and our planet by virtue of our thoughts. For those of us who are not familiar with this concept I will briefly explain and then refer the reader to some of my previous blogs for further clarification. Our thoughts create our very existence as we know it. We form our reality based on those thoughts. Our perception of the reality of our thoughts lies within our mind. Thoughts manifest into desires and then into actions. Every thought that we have that has been acted on, manifests itself into one of the probable realities within this life that we are currently focusing on.

Our thoughts are responsible for our state of health. Initiating thoughts that we are sick or will be sick will then set our biological system to receive the perceived illness. If we are told over and over again that we need certain drugs to make us feel and we believe this, then we are not allowing our own built in mechanisms that monitor our state of being to do their jobs. By believing this, the message is sent that we would rather give the power to someone or something else. We have then set up the atoms within our body to prepare for the invader. Our body is fully capable of healing itself. It is our own thoughts that interfere with the process by sending messages that interrupt the natural flow of things. The atoms of our being are joyously going about their business of creating a harmonious existence within our physical framework and with this thought process that we have engaged in, we essentially throw them a curve. They are now put into defensive mode and must prepare for the attack. The drug companies in our culture are at this time going out of their way to ensure that we are going to be tethered to their product wit their product with their psychological messages on our television sets and media advertisements. This very process is harmful to our evolution as a soul.

As the perpetrators of negativity that have been so cleverly keeping us in the dark for so long realize that the mass consciousness is starting to change, that souls are beginning to move into the light, they are terrified that they will no longer be able to keep us chained to the old system of beliefs. Negativity feeds off of negativity. What better way to do this than to drug the minds and bodies of mankind/womankind. Systematically feeding us ideas through our media that we are sick and need drugs to maintain a state of well-being. We then subscribe to these beliefs and send our body mechanisms into a state of confusion thus rendering our being useless in its quest for its own health and evolution. Our body and mind cannot function as they need to for spiritual evolution if they are in a constant state of chemical alteration. The chemical reactions needed to allow our chakras to open to the information cannot take place if we are in a drug-induced state.

With the evolution of humanity the current double helix DNA will start to change and move to twelve strands. Each time it evolves it will do so in a group of three until there are twelve. The evolution of our DNA from the double helix into the twelve strands will correspond to twelve chakras. There are presently seven chakras within our etheric and physical body. During the evolution of the DNA another five will be added outside the body. Those additional five will be the link to the next phase of our spiritual evolution. Much of the information that will be given to us for our evolution will come via these outside chakras and enter the pituitary gland where it will then be transferred into strands of our evolving DNA. As these new strands of DNA and areas of the brain are activated, brain mapping will be possible and past-life memories will be evoked. Our entire civilization will be based upon a psychic framework rather than a physical one. It is a natural process that every physical being goes through when evolving.

Most of us who experience this evolution will become quite aware of the feeling that we are much clearer about life and seem to know things that we previously weren’t aware of. Information will start coming to us in dreams and in states of relaxation, universal information about our being, who we are and what our purpose is and so on. Our consciousness is being raised. The fact that we are reading this material shows that we are searching for the answers and we are evolving.

I will give an exercise that will help us get started on our own personal path to recovery and our soul’s evolution, for we are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul, remember that. Our physical existence is only a temporary one in which ‘you-the-soul’ are physically incarnated on our planet to learn from our experiences and evolve. Consider it like going to school, Earth school, where the lessons are sometimes harder than on other planets but the amount of spiritual growth that one gains from incarnating here is much greater than it is on some of the other planets and solar systems available to us. If we will take the time to do this exercise once a day and stay focused, we will start the process of aligning ‘you-the-soul’ with our body as one.

Sit or lie down and relax your entire body starting from the top of your head to your toes. Breathe deep. Inhale positive energy. Exhale all negative energy and thoughts. Do this as slowly as you wish. The idea is to achieve the level of relaxation that will bring you to a place of being completely free of your body. As you begin to relax, feel all of the tensions fade away into the air as you take yourself deeper and deeper into this relaxed state. Just let all thoughts and negativity float away. You may use the box technique that I gave you in earlier blogs to get rid if unwanted thoughts and feelings. Visualize them going into the box or it can be any receptacle of your choice as long as it has a lid on it. Focus on you mental center. For most of you it will be somewhere just above or between your eyebrows, not the area of the pineal gland of the third eye, but just below. This is your mental vortex. Stay in this relaxed state for at least a half an hour. What you are doing by this exercise is learning to calm your thoughts and your body so that the Divine information may then start to flow into you through the pituitary gland thus opening up the chakras in that area. As you do this for a while you will start to raise your vibrations to a higher level and you will notice that your difficulties will start to ease as Divine knowledge is placed deep within your hearts. Some of you will be able to achieve results almost immediately while others may take longer. Do not despair as all of us will eventually open up the chakras to receive Divine information at the cellular and DNA levels.

In reading this material there will be many of us who will simply not want to hear. We will go about our old superstitious ways and cling to our familiar and comfortable belief systems. Fear of the unknown will keep us in the grips of the old ways. Light is information. Light is knowledge. If we feel that you do not want to hear you will not, but once we have obtained the light there is no turning back, for we now possess the knowledge. Some of us will want to stay with the negative influences because we will not want to give up our habits and materialistic desires. Whether or not we choose to accept or deny the information that is being given to us is predicated on our own free will. However, those of us who wish to evolve will do so. The rest of us will simply stay in a third dimensional reality with all of its negativity until we make the conscious decision to seek the light. The negative energies, as I mentioned previously, have spent eons trying to keep the light from humanity, controlling the consciousness of mankind/womankind for their own selfish purposes. Without negativity we cannot have negativity. The negative influences wished to keep Earth as its breeding ground for its source of energy. They are now out-numbered by Beings of Light on the planet and will soon be relinquished to their own dimension. These forces are part of the balance system of the planet, however they have been spiraling out of control for the last several thousand years. Their function was to balance the matter aspect of the planet. They became too powerful though and have overtaken the minds of much of mankind/womankind in the materialistic sense and thrown him/her off course in his/her evolution. Millions of the citizens of our planet are now deeply entrenched in materialistic possessions and will even go so far as to die for those possessions. This is absurd from a spiritual point of view as these things are only an illusion of our own mind/thought energy and mean nothing to the soul. The only thing that matters is our relationships with each other and whether or not we act on our thoughts and newfound knowledge to help all of humanity. We have been in our dense physical bodies for thousands of incarnations and it is now time to move on to our etheric bodies and interact with each other on a deeper level. Many individuals are now seeing that their evolution is not a physical but a spiritual, soul evolution and are moving towards the light. They are in the process of starting to reject the old controlling theories about the nature of their being and their evolution. They are beginning to realize that they have been controlled by their materialistic ego desires instead of their spiritual desires.

Whole nations are beginning to awaken to their greater reality and purpose in the Divine plan that The Creator has for our planet and are rebelling against the invasion of the old negative influences masquerading in the name of their gods. Corporate and political dominators have been the ruling negative forces in our world. The citizens and believers have been deceptively confused. They no longer know what to believe or whom to believe. They have been told one thing and witness another. The art of deception has been masterfully played by these materialistic forces. As we witness, many nations and their citizens rise up and fight back, it is imperative not to compete with one another but to unite together by cooperating as brothers and sisters in humanity. It is not imperative to kill however. I wish to make that very clear: Killing is a violation of Universal Law. There are other ways to bring the consciousness of humanity into the light of its soul’s existence.

There are many energy forces that are free to come and go throughout our world. They usually reside within the Astral levels of our planet. Their access is through the various vortexes throughout the world. The vortex around the Middle East has been an access point for the forces of dark. This is where the network of the perpetrators of our terrorist acts have hidden deep underground and within the recesses of the mountains in their bases of operation. Many of them are nearly impossible to find. Some of these manipulating energies straddle between dimensions in many cases and they are not accessible to the limited perception of the third dimension. However, many of these forces are still there. This is the last stronghold of these forces. They are losing momentum and energy and that will continue.

Nations of the world would benefit by joining forces to peacefully eradicate the restructuring of the belief systems of many cultures to the ways of the negative influences. With the emergence of new positive energies and utilization of the technology of the media, this can be done. Now some of the leaders of our nations of power are very deeply entrenched in the influences of the forces of dark and are going to have to abandon their old ways as well. These leaders will put up the most resistance for they are the ones who will perceive themselves as having the most to lose. They are so deeply entrenched in materialistic world power that this will be a great struggle for them to have to make do with less. However with the cooperation of all nations there will be peace for all. We cannot have peace until we have justice in our world. We cannot have justice unless we are willing to share the resources of the planet and care for all other nations and to stop the atrocities of a global corporate takeover of the planet and its resources. This is just a simplistic vie of some of the demographics as to how and why 9-11 and Corona(Covid19) and some other terrorist attacks have been able to find their way into our societies.

The realignment of beliefs systems and the awakening of humanity

Tolerance of Other’s Beliefs

Let us talk about the tolerance of others beliefs. Many if us are under the perceived belief that we do not like the beliefs of other races, thus again making them more intolerable to us. We have decided that our beliefs are the only right ones and discounted all others that do not fit into our picture of a perfect world within our perceived reality. Since we cannot come to terms with and tolerate any other beliefs outside of our limited perception of reality, we condemn the other beliefs to “our version” of “the wrong way,” always maintaining that ours is the right way. There is no right or wrong way in the greater scheme of things. One group will incarnate into a society that has mass beliefs in one direction while another may incarnate into a society with an entirely different set of beliefs. One perceives the other wrong because it does not fit into their mass-conceived system. We are all incarnated in our present physical system of reality for one purpose only and that is to further the evolution of our souls. These perceived ideas are merely obstacles that we have out into place to learn from. The problem is we have not learned much.

It does no good to stay locked in our narrow-minded version of our perceived reality. We are not benefiting anyone , least of all ourselves. When we observe that entire societies have been raised with their own version of a mass belief system, then we are able to understand why it is imperative that we break out of the mold of the masses and analyze those very beliefs and thoughts that brought us to where we are currently in our lives. I have said this many times, “We create our own reality.” We are obsessed with the ideas that we are right and everyone else is wrong. There simply is no such thing . It is a creation of our own mind/thought energy, another attempt of the ego to control our reality.

We have been blindly following the ideas of others without questioning them, taking them for granted. We have simply not allowed any thoughts that do not conform with our strict set of perceived beliefs to enter into our world, thus shutting out the beauty of the world itself. Our own fears of the unknown have entrapped our soul’s existence into a stagnant lumbering existence. We were not allowed to incarnate into our world to lock oneself away from the rest of humanity, yet with our actions this is precisely what we have done. We have shut out anything and everything that does not conform to our standards of our perceived reality. It has not gained us a thing except a lot of fear, anger and hate for the same souls that, when we are not incarnated into a physical body, we have a tremendous love for. We come to the Earth plane and decide that we do not like the packaging or the lessons and experience that other souls have come into incarnation to learn, so therefore we must shut them out of our existence. We don’t like what we see. We don’t want to see. We are afraid to see, so see we shall not. No one is at the mercy of another’s beliefs. Each one of us has the free will to change our system of beliefs.

Questioning the Mass Belief Systems

Light is information. It is the knowledge that is ours, within us and available to us. As we see the fall of our religious institutions, corporations and mass belief systems, know that this is the beginning of this evolutionary process and that we are part of it. Do not be afraid to question the belief systems that have been in place for so long. For they do not allow our soul essence to fully experience itself without guilt or fear, then they need to be examine and alter our beliefs, we can reprogram them, thus altering our own existence and experiences. We can move from one set of firm beliefs into a seemingly completely different set of beliefs by simply focusing on them daily. As our ideas and behaviors change so will our perception of the world around us. Then we have effectively enhanced our experiences and begun the spiritual journey in the evolution of our soul by recognizing the power of our own being. The way to a peaceful existence lies within our thoughts and beliefs.

Many of us are starting to realize the power of our being. We are waking up to the very nature of ourselves and claiming our rights to exist on our planet in a peaceful and harmonious way. The negative ego influences of some of the ones in power have been aware of this for some time and thus we see the aggressive actions taken on the part of those individuals to ensure that they keep their old systems of belief intact. They have been aggressively branching out into all nations in one last-ditch effort to ultimately, in their eyes, control the world and prevent the citizens of Earth from evolving away from the old ways and into the new. The only way humanity to stop this invasion is to start to reject the belief systems of these leaders. Question the validity and motives behind the ideas that are presented by these individuals. As we use our own powers of intuition, we will see that the agenda of these forces is quite self-serving and designed to prevent us from using our own free will to further the evolution of our soul and bring peace and harmony to our planet.

When the ones in power can persuade the masses to believe that killing is justified, then we need to take a good look at the motives behind their beliefs. Universal Law is clear: killing another for whatever reason is a Violation, plain and simple. It is not necessary to rob the life of another to get our perceived point across. It is only our perceived belief and does not reflect the beliefs of others, that is, unless we force it upon them, forcing them into relinquishing their power over their own being. The repression of humanity by those in power is beginning to erode and will no longer be tolerated by the citizens of the planet. Much of the world is in great turmoil because of the actions of powerful political and corporate leaders.

Often the belief systems of many only reflect the visions of a few. Many individuals simply follow the crowd and do not question as to why they are doing so. This is why so many individuals find it hard to change their perceived reality, for fear of not conforming within the structures of the belief systems of the masses. They are reluctant to be the odd one out. It is safer for them to go along with the masses than stop and think for themselves, for in doing so they would then have to confront their own reality and belief systems. If this were done however, the individuals would open up a vast amount of information to themselves about the nature of their being and move forward in the evolution of their souls. We would then be able to use this knowledge to joyously go about experiencing our life as we were meant to do. I am going to give an exercise here that we may use to confront the nature of our beliefs. It is an exercise to allow our own path to our soul’s evolution.


Let us look at the word right. What does that conjure up in your minds? Good , wholesome, upstanding, religious etc. All qualities that mankind/womankind aspires to have. Then look at the word wrong. What does this conjure up in your minds? Take a good hard look at this. Dark, negative, unsavory, lack of moral ethics etc. I’m sure that you could come up with at least 100 definitions for each word and that is exactly the exercise here. I want you to make two columns on a piece of paper and label the first column positive and the other negative. Here you are to list words that come to mind in your life that you think of as positive or negative. Now look at your list of words that you have organized into two neat columns. As you look at each word, examine your feelings about each one. What kind of thoughts do each of the words represent to you? What or whom do you associate with these words and why? This is the beginning of examining your beliefs, all of them. Notice that when certain words are examined that they also carry with them certain feelings. These feelings are a direct result of your association with the words of your lists. many will make you happy and many will not. Consciously look at all of them. For instance, if church makes you happy, then further explore what it is about the church that makes you happy. Do you love the unity with other humans that are of like mind with you? Most likely you will say yes. Now, what do those like minds have in common? Do they all elevate themselves as having the true right way that humanity should live? Of course, they all agree with your own system of perceived beliefs don’t they? Now, look at the other side of the paper and do the same. You will notice that all those things are in direct conflict with your own idea of your perceived reality, are they not? If you will examine where and how and who put these beliefs into your minds you may start to get the correlation. This exercise is a powerful tool in enabling your conscious mind to be more aware of the beliefs and thoughts of others and how they manifest themselves into your own beliefs. It will stimulate you being into recognizing whether or not it is part of your soul’s true nature to accept the information or reject it.


This discussion involves the belief systems of the nation’s leaders. Many of the world’s governments are very resistant to any changes. Politicians go into office with high aspirations of manifesting the ideals that they see would and could benefit society only to fall prey to the negative energies that are inherently manipulating the power structures of the system. Their lack of self-discipline and focus on their own power allow them to be sucked into the rituals of business as usual. They soon see that they cannot accomplish their goals without stepping on the toes of the forces that have weld the power. They are entrapped into a system of beliefs that is not their own, however to survive they must succumb to the wall of the controlling energies. They have little or no regard for the citizens of Earth as they are enveloped in the unlimited power that they now seem to possess.

The mass belief system that has been maintained by our leaders is starting to crumble. The leaders of the Western world have been quite successful at disregarding the cultural traditions of other nations, thus causing much strife within those nations. There is a constant battle between people of other nations to aspire to be westernized and still remain in the traditions and mass beliefs of their cultures. There is much resentment over the values of the Western world and many people of so called impoverished nations feel helpless in their situation and powerless to do anything about it. The very nature of their frustration is then taken out in an aggressive, negative way to try to regain their own power. There is much anger over the doctrines of Western civilization. Many citizens of other cultures are rooted in the beliefs that the western world with all its riches is evil. The Western world has been hoarding all the resources of the world for their own personal gain and ignoring the plight of the rest of the world. They know this and this angers them. They do not like it when the core of what they perceive to hate is knocking on their front doors. Their belief system has taught them that it is wrong to have too many material possessions, yet when we look at the leaders of these nations they are swathed in as many material possessions as they can create for themselves. The rest of their nation is bathed in poverty and resentment. The only way they have to regain their power is to lash out at the perceived enemy. Since it is a mass system of beliefs the anger and resentment is then propelled by the masses of those nations. The natural act of aggression of these individuals has been taken into the negative arena. They see no other way of regaining their power other than to lash out at the nations that they perceive have taken it away from them. The beliefs are so strong and there are so many individuals in this situation, we can see that it could create a disaster of mass proportions.

If the frustration continues at the present level there could be a worldwide war ending with the destruction of our planet. The Western world and some of the other nations of power can no longer afford to continue on their paths of domination. All citizens of all nations must be treated as though they are an important part of the world and not though they are an important part of the world and not shoved under the rug in favor of politics and corporate greed.

It is a shame that the Western world has been able to migrate its influences over much of the planet thus forcing many cultures to either accept these changes or fight for the sovereignty of their nations. Within those societies we have the pent up energies of those who have been forced to relinquish their own power to perceived higher forces and have been downtrodden with enormous amount of guilt about their very being. They have been repressed to the point of combustion and as mother Earth acts out her own way against the atrocities against her in the form of natural disasters, so it is that mankind/womankind is doing the same. The basic free will of mankind/womankind is being challenged at this point in our planet’s history like it has never been before.

Most of the middle East appears to be in for a slow awakening. The energies of Hierarchy are being concentrated on this area at this time to diffuse the situation but it is not an easy task. The people of these nations are entrenched in their religious beliefs, misguided as some of them are. It is a daunting task and will require much energy from the masters for many years to realign this area of the world. It will be just as hard for them to realign the Western world, for they are the ones who will likely put up the most resistance to sharing the resources of the world. Either way, the world as we know it is in for some positive changes that will affect every living thing on the planet. We have seen that mankind/womankind is starting to awaken to these and other injustices perpetrated by the ones in power. More and more individuals who are truly visionaries will soon start to replace the ones who have kept the great nations of the world in the dark. Just as we see the fall of our corporations we will also see radical changes in our government and the media.

I would like to discuss other life forms and how our thoughts affect the entire Universe. Our thoughts of negativity swirl up into the atmosphere and cling to the spatial grids of the Universe. They must be constantly neutralized and sent back to our planet with an abundance of love so that they do not affect other life forms in the Universe. Beings of Light are very sensitive to the energy created by our thoughts and have been surrounding our planet for years neutralizing them. We cannot see them for they are of etheric matter undetectable to the third-dimensional vision. Much of humanity still clings to the ideas had beliefs that the Universe involves them alone. However, this is far from the case. We have closed our minds and erected giant barriers against our soul’s evolution and other life forms. We have encased ourselves in a dark cocoon and locked the door, fearful of what may be out there. For us to discover the true nature of our soul, it would benefit us to open our mind to realities other than our own limited perceptions of self. There are many, many inhabited planets in our solar system and others. There are also many types of bodies, not always physical. Some are etheric. Mankind’s/womankind’s body is designed for Earth’s three-dimensional residency and is our vehicle for expression and communication. Our etheric body is our soul and it is within the realms of our physical body. It operates our physical body much as we operate a car. There are many other body types available to beings based on their point in evolution and the planets they choose to experience life on. They don’t necessarily
have to be flesh and blood like we have on Earth.

Many planets that we would deem uninhabitable are teeming with life. I will give an example: the planets Venus and Sirius are filled with the most peaceful, loving beings in the Universe. It is a place many of us often go to. In our third-dimensional perceived reality, we often have chosen not to acknowledge other life forms due to fear and our limited senses as to what is out there. We cannot see beyond the vision of the third dimension unless we have developed our etheric vision as a few of us have. When our etheric vision is developed we will be aware of a whole new world. That world will be in the forth dimension and eventually higher and with that we will be able to see and communicate with other Beings of Light. Many of us now are able to receive transmissions telepathically from Beings of Light and acknowledge them while also separating them from our own thoughts. Many of us though would appear to not be able to do this. That is only because we are not willing. Telepathic communication is available to all the method of communication is our future reality. As we consciously start to align our energies with the will and the plan of The Creator, these abilities will open up to us.

It is imperative that we live the life that we have chosen on Earth with the utmost of respect and love for our fellow human beings. We cannot make the transition in consciousness without changing our attitudes about each other. Anyone choosing to experience life at this time on planet Earth is learning some very valuable lessons about the effects of negativity. The great majority if the rest of the beings within the multitudes of solar systems do not experience negativity. This experience has been assigned to the inhabitants of Earth at this point in our evolution. Beings of Light carefully monitor how much the influence of negative energies are affecting the planet. If individuals on our planet continue on their present course of destruction they will miss out on our impending evolution and be left behind. These unfortunate souls will be sent back to the third dimension or offered lives in a two-dimensional reality where they will be able to enjoy the fruits of their greed and negative behavior. The souls that persist in their lifestyle of pillaging the planet and each other will be left in the lower dimensions until they seek the light. The rest of mankind/womankind are going to evolve with Earth, where all will reside in peace with a greater awareness of the connection of their souls to each other.

If our leaders attempt to use nuclear power for mass destruction, Beings of Light from the higher dimensions will interfere. Permission has been given to do so. Mother Earth will not be allowed to be destroyed by the fanatical behaviors of those who perceive themselves to be in power. Beings of Light are sending their energies to awaken mankind/womankind and assist with the transition of their consciousness. It will take a willingness on our part to promote peace in our world and take care of each other. It means using our free will and the energy of our being wisely to create a new reality on our planet. With our powerful thoughts we will have no problem doing this. For the stubborn few that insist on creating mass destruction and dominance over their fellow human beings and aligning their energies with the negative influences, the time is now to move towards the light. Some of us have already started to awaken. Stay awake, for if we close our eyes again we will fall back into our cosmic slumber and be left behind. Each one of us radiates with The Creator’s love and if we look for it in every being we encounter we will find it is there. Open our hearts and minds to being more loving and compassionate towards each other because we are all brothers and sisters evolving together. When we help another, we are also helping ourselves and both of us will benefit in our evolution. Forget about what people will think about us because it matters not to the soul. Do what you-the-soul knows is right in our relationships with others. The ego will always try to foil any attempts of the soul to circumvent its authority or challenge it by creating doubts or making one feel fearful of reaching out to others for fear of rejection. The only thing that is rejected is the ego and with this understanding one can certainly move always from that arena and let their soul shine through.

One of the areas that the ego likes to control is our emotions. Emotions come from the solar plexus area and are astrally grounded. At present in our evolution emotions have come to the boiling point and saturation levels are high as humanity is getting ready to make the transition of consciousness. This is to be expected, as there are many are as of our present reality that will start to break down as our consciousness makes the shift. Right now the third dimension is astrally polarized but as we move from Astral polarization to mental polarization we will start to gain control of the emotions. This stepping up will also begin to change the vibrational rate of the planet and its inhabitants. As the vibrational rate of the planet changes, the energy component of the beings that occupy it will move into a peaceful realm that has not been encountered in thousands of years. As the planet moves through this high energy field it will eventually move even further in tis higher-dimensional fields and complete the next phase of its evolution. The awakening of mankind/womankind is happening now. We are essentially re-scripting our future lives
during this awakening.

The future of humanity holds endless possibilities for peace. As our vibrational hum is raised so is our consciousness thus affecting our future with our future lives. Since we are able to affect our past, present and future with our thoughts and beliefs, what we focus our energies on now will either propel us into our new level of awareness or leave us behind in the lower dimensions of negativity. As more and more of us examine our beliefs and start to awaken to the purpose of our soul’s existence, we will naturally gravitate into higher vibrational frequencies. As humanity loses its fears and we begin to love one another, humanity evolves.

As many or us are now awakening, our souls are starting to radiate a brilliant light. As we move our energies into practicing unconditional love for one another, we are by our own thoughts moving the planet into a higher vibrational hum. many of us are very knowledgeable on the effects of energy and how it can be manipulated. As Beings of Light we are all energy. Humanity has already awakened to the creative abilities of its creature-hood and is now starting to focus on the evolution of its soul. As we start to awaken from the cosmic slumber that we have been in for so long the receptors of our neuro-cellular system are being charged with electromagnetic energy. Our planet too will be charged and the purification process will begin. The thoughts of many will create a positive radius of energy bathing the planet. The Earth will move into a tranquility unknown to mankind/womankind and eventually elevate itself into higher levels of harmonic vibration. It is not impossible to untangle ourselves from our perceived sets of beliefs and move our consciousness in the direction of Divine Light. Using some of the tools that I will provide , this should be an easy task for those of us who truly wish to evolve.

Fear-Driven energies have been taken for granted

Human beings have been reluctant over he centuries to tune into the telepathically transmitted information that is being given to them. We have essentially put on our cosmic blinders in favor of old superstitious ways. The fear of the unknown has kept their awareness locked in the dark recesses of our minds, pushed aside like leaves on the pathway. We choose to ignore many of the messages that would enable us to complete our soul’s evolution. Locked in the grip of fear and anger we flounder around like a fish out of water looking for answers to our dilemma. We are besieged with an abundance of negative stimuli from media. We are then flocking like geese to the nearest psychoanalyst to explain to us why we feel the way we do.

Often we are given prescriptions for a variety of medications and sent on our way. In this great mass of circular logic we rotate in and out of our perceived dilemma until the overload of our behavior finally gets the best of us through disease or illness – as is quite fashionable these days – to label these anomalies with syndromes of every type imaginable. Then the patient walks out of the medical office with the assumption that he or she has a justifiable condition and therefore can again push aside the inner voices of our consciousness for a more narrow-minded answer to our problems. We can then continue on our self-destructive path and be fully justified in doing so. We no longer have to confront our behavior and its source.

We merrily take our pills and go on about our daily business. Meanwhile our symptoms once again are pushed aside. This endless circle of behavior eventually catches up to us and we find ourselves with another physical malady and so it goes, on and on, one episode after the other. The disturbed energies of fear-driven society have been taken for granted in our everyday life The majority tenaciously cling to these ideas and refuse to accept any other explanations that are not grounded in scientific beliefs.

Love and Light are Knowledge

Many of us have adopted destructive sets of beliefs, lives filled with ego-gratification, greed and selfishness. This however is not the soul’s true nature. If left alone without all of the negative stimuli, the soul would return to a peaceful hum that it has always known. Mankind and womankind would be in sync with Mother Earth and the rest of the planetary life that dwells in our dimension. If we would learn to surround ourselves with The Creator’s light and energy, we would essentially be able to eradicate the constant barrage of fears that have surrounded us. Love and light, which is knowledge, are the only things that are needed to free us from our path of self-destruction. They will dissolve the layers of negativity like acid on ripe fruit and release our soul’s essence from its spiritual slumber. The soul’s essence of each and every one us is trying to pry itself free from the grip of the negative energies surrounding our existence.

As we perceive our reality as something that We have created, then we can and will change it for the better. To find oneself, one must look within, for within lies the perfection of God and the Universe that it ultimately – US. Eventually all of us will see the light, if not now then later. For the entities that refuse to evolve and continue on their greedy, self-centered path with no regard for their fellow man, we may find oneself removed from the humming rhythms of the evolving Earth’s move into the peaceful fourth dimension and assigned to one of the lower-vibrational, two-dimensional planets until such time as our soul yearns to move towards the light and be cleansed. Like a stone encased inside a mountain, there we will sit and wait until we have had enough time to seek the love light.

Many of us have already been awakened from our spiritual slumber and are diligently participating in moving the rest of mankind and womankind into the arenas of awareness. Now when I am referring to negative influences or energies, I would clarify here what I am attempting to convey. It is with respect to our ability to allow our ego’s desires to control our vehicle instead of our soul’s light, as the soul only knows its light and love. It also refers to certain energies in and around our planet that do not serve to evolve with the plan of The Creator.

Now I am not trying to be gloom and doom here, for those entities that are relinquished to this dimension do not in any way reflect the majority of us. Most of us will start soon to get the messages and move towards the light. However, for those of us who persist in the cat-and-mouse game of dominating everyone and everything on the planet, our evolution will not be forthcoming as swiftly as the rest of our planet’s citizens and we may be left behind. I have spoken before about how we can change our reality with our thoughts. Since our reality IS our thoughts, this will not be hard to do.

Transmitted Thought

There are no duplicates. Yet, we may say, are not some thoughts duplicates?  The variations may indeed be slight, but variations are always present. A thought transmitted knowingly or unknowingly by A. is not precisely the same thought when it reaches receiver B.

The thought originally held by A. is still retained by A., yet a seemingly identical thought reaches B. A. has lost nothing. That is, in trying to send the thought, in trying to duplicate the thought, A. still retains it. So what is passed on to receiver B.? This is rather important, since an explanation will do much to account for the frequent difference that occurs in telepathic communications.

Whether or not- A. the sender, knowingly transmits this apparent duplicate, at the point of its transmission, the sender forms an electrical impulse pattern that is supposed to duplicate the original thought. But no such identical duplication is possible, as far as I know, within reality of any kind.

A side note: identical twins are hardly identical, for example.

As soon as the attempt is made to duplicate the thought, we find the attempt itself strains and pulls; the impulse changes minutely, or to a greater degree. The point I want to make is that any attempt at duplication actually forces the thought it is already a new thought, bearing great resemblance to the original. But it is not the original thought.

Prime identities cannot be duplicated. Exact duplication is always an effect of insufficient knowledge. In some cases two thoughts may appear identical, but whether or not examination can show it, such exact duplication is impossible. Now when receiver B. receives a transmitted thought, he may react and interpret that part of the thought that is similar to the original.

He or she may , on the other hand, react to and interpret that portion of the thought that is not similar. He or she may react to and interpret the similarity of the difference. His or her reactions depend upon several circumstances, including the intensity of the electrical pulsations that compose the thought, and his or her own inner facility in reaching to particular ranges of intensities.

Habitually, individuals establish overall frequencies that they are able to handle, for various reasons. An individual will therefore feel more at home operating within certain frequencies. The original thought is used as a pattern for the creation of a new electrical reality which may or may not be directed at any given receiver. It is obvious that the attempt to duplicate is present: were it not for this attempt to duplicate, then there would be little similarity between any separate identities.

The nature of the thought that is received by B. is determined by many factors. We shall consider but a few of these. These include the original intensity of the thought as A. ; the familiarity or unfamiliarity of the range of frequencies that compose the thought to any intended receiver.

The receiver will understand and interpret in general the intensity range he is in the habit of using himself. Some, or a portion of the transmitted thought, may fall within his range and some may not. He or she may pick up the portions of the thought which are similar to the original thought which are similar to the original thought, in which case some scientific proof of sorts can be achieved. It can happen, however, that the dissimilarity is what falls within his or her particular accustomed range, in which case proof will be inadequate.

Emotions also possess an electrical reality. Thoughts formed and sent out within the impulse range of emotion often succeed because of the peculiar nature of the emotional electrical impulses themselves. They have a particularly strong electrical mass. They also usually fall within powerful intensities, for reasons. Thoughts formed under a strong emotional impetus will carry greater vividness, have a greater tendency toward duplication, and are apt to be interpreted with some success.

Also, all individuals have had familiarity with emotions as they exist within electrical intensities, and are accustomed to reacting to them. The whole process in instantaneous. However, the thought which is now an approximation of the original thought is changed once more by the receiver himself or herself. He or she does not actually interpret the thought itself. He or she interpret the thought itself. He or she interprets its meaning and forms a new thought identity.

Action, the very action of transmission, alters the nature and electrical reality of the thought itself.

Our imaginary sender A. does not transmit a given thought. He or she does not even send an exact duplicate. Nor does the receiver receive the thought in the same condition. The original thought is retained by A. A. forms a thought as nearly identical as possibilities allow it to be. This he or she transmits to B. But B. can’t receive the thought in its present condition, for the action of receiving a thought also changes it. He or she forms a thought as nearly identical as possible for him and interprets it.

Action can never be considered apart from that which is seemingly acted upon, for action becomes part of structure. Action begins from within and is a result of inner vitality inherent in all realities. Action is not alone. It is not an identity. ACTION IS A DIMENSION OF EXISTENCE.


Those of us who do not believe in war have not experienced it. It may have surrounded us, but we did not experience it. Those of us do not believe in greed have not suffered its “consequences.” If we still see it is because it is a part of our reality. If we are honestly not greedy, yet we see greed, then perhaps we are serving as an example to others–but we form our own reality.

There are more worlds than you suppose, and in our own private experience each of us contributes to the world that we know. We and our counterparts together form it. Our physical body alone is equipped to perceive far more than we presently allow it to. Physically we are a part of every  other person upon the earth, and we have a connection with each leaf and frog and nail.


We choose the city or state or country in which we live. No one forces us to stay here unless we are looking for an excuse to remain. So we choose psychic land of another as we can journey into other parts of the physical world. Some great travelers never left the country of their birth.

Michelangelo roamed the centuries, picking up visions and ideas as others might buy postcards, journeying from one country to a foreign land. His genius shows us what we are, and yet it is but a hint of the potential with which our species is endowed.

In the light of such ideals, surely seem wanting–yet our reality is one in which the greatest freedoms have been allowed. This means that we have given ourselves full range so that all probabilities could be explored, and none left out that were physically feasible.

This species gave itself no “preordained” taboos.


If the infinite ranges possible to human capabilities would be explored–and those who chose that route said, “we will trust that our creativity will find its own way, and if there are nightmares we will waken from them. We will even learn from them. We will dare to push aside the dimensions of being into those our humanity have its meaning. And through the compassion that we have learned, will we be able to understand the divine errors that gave us the gift of our birth. Souls and molecules each are learning, each are forming realities, each are a part of a divinity in which each counterpart has a part to play.

A Group Selves Form The Soul

I am not telling you that each if us do not have a soul to call our own. We are a part of our soul. It belongs to you, and you to it.

Memories exist as patterns. In this life, each of us come together and part, come together and part again, forming a counterpart relationship when it suits our purposes, as streams of consciousness mix and merge, and then separate.

These counterparts are psychic, relationships, formations that in the deepest terms flow into historic time and out of it. Some, in our terms, last a lifetime. Others represent psychic encounters that happens between two individuals at several points, say, but are not continuous. They may be no less intense, however.

Might Is Right Or Right Is Might?

For centuries it was taken for granted that God was on the side of the strongest, richest nation. Surely, it seemed, if a country was poor or downtrodden, it was because God had made it so.

Such ideas literally held people in chains, fostering slavery and other inhumane practices. The same unfortunately applies to the Eastern concept of nirvana, and to the Christian idea of heaven. Both have been used by those in power to hold down the masses of people, to justify shoddy and inadequate living conditions by promising future bliss in the world after death.

There are many differences between the ideas of nirvana and heaven, but each has been used not only to justify suffering, but also to teach people to seek pain. The idea has been that the more persecuted and maligned a person is, the greater will be the reward in a future existence.

I want to avoid concentration upon esoteric practices in my blogs, but they do sometimes impinge upon the subject matter at hand.

The ideas of penance, fasting to excess, the personal abuse of the body, such as self-flagellation — all of those practices are conducted in the belief that suffering is something to be sought in itself. In such a way pain becomes a sought-after goal, and pleasure becomes subverted into pain.

Quite ordinary people often believe, then, that suffering itself is a way toward personal development and spiritual knowledge. In matters of health, such beliefs can have most unfortunate results. They are often responsible for needless sacrifices of physical organs in imprudent operations.

Some individuals become anxious and worried if they think they are too happy — for to them it means that they are not paying sufficiently for their sins. They may be threatened by some undeniable danger, until finally in one way or another they seek out their own punishment once again — wondering all the time why they are so frequently besieged by poor health or disease.

This kind of syndrome can affect individuals, families, and to some extent entire nations. They mitigate directly against man’s and woman’s health, survival, and exuberance.

Constant fears about nuclear destruction, or other such catastrophes can also fall under this classification.

Large masses of people became so convinced of God’s eventual vengeance and retribution that they began to plan for it.

Their lives became a way of avoiding pain instead of seeking out pleasure or satisfaction. This is true of individuals, but it also applies to many so-called survival groups, who congregate in one or another portion of the country, collecting supplies to carry them over the holocaust and to defend their families from those who might steal their provisions.

Most such people expect a period of chaotic time, in which all laws are broken down. Another version stresses the economic area, foreseeing the collapse of the economy, anarchy, and other conditions that pit one individual against the other.

These people believe, of course, that any given situation will worsen, and be carried to its most disastrous end. That attitude colors all of their other beliefs and actions. Some use religious dogma, and others rely upon scientific dogma to prove their cases, but in any case, they are presented with a world of deception and vengeance.

Good mental or physical health can hardly flourish under such conditions. There are instead most beneficial groups in this country and abroad, who actually, actively, yet peacefully join together to work for worldwide nuclear disarmament, and also to tackle such questions as nuclear waste. Their efforts are directed in other ways also, as they try to convince all areas of the world to share their wealth and foodstuffs equally.

These may be “highflying” goals, however they are positive in nature, aimed toward accomplishment and achievement, and they collect the energies of the people together in a way that stresses cooperation and understanding.

Again, the end does not justify the means — so no amount of war is ever going to produce a meaningful peace.

Such ideas affect every level of life, from the most microscopic onward. It is not that plants understand our ideas in usual terms — but they do indeed pick up our intent, and in the arena of world survival, they have a stake.

I do not want to romanticize non-human life either, or to overestimate its resources, but nature also has its own ways — and in those ways it constantly works toward survival of life in general. Nature may not bail us out, but it will always be there, adding its own vitality and strength to the overall good and health of the planet.

Remember what I said in earlier blogs about the connections between disease and non-disease states. Communication flashes between viruses and microbes, and they can change in the wink of an eye. Once again, then, ideas of the most optimistic nature are the biologically pertinent ones.

This is a good place to bring up again some extreme food practices, such as over-fasting, and an obsession with so-called natural foods.

I am not talking about a natural and healthy interest in the purity of foodstuffs, but of a worrisome over-concern. This is often carried so far that no food seems perfectly satisfying, and the concentration becomes focused upon the fear of food, rather than upon its benefits.

Behind many such attitudes if the idea that the body itself is unworthy, and that starving it somehow cuts down on the appetites of the flesh. We usually end up with a flurry of different kinds of diets.

Some concentrate almost exclusively on protein, some on carbohydrates — particularly rice — but in any case the large natural range of available foods and nutrients are cut out.

This keeps the body in a state of constant turmoil. Some people are so convinced, in fact, that eating is wrong that they diet until they become ravenously hungry, then overeat and force themselves to vomit up the residue.

Other people, in a well-meaning attempt to watch their weight, skip their breakfast entirely — a very poor procedure. It is far better to eat moderate amounts of food in all of the food ranges, and to consume smaller portions more often. I realize that our social mores also dictate our eating habits — but four light meals a day will overall serve us very well, and give the body a more steady, regulated nourishment.

These food ideas are important, since they are passed on from parents to children, and parents often use food as a way of rewarding a child’s good behavior, thus starting the youngster out toward conditions of overweight.

The main issue involved, once again, is the trust of the body.

In any case, there are new lives growing and maturing within each individual, whatever his or her age or circumstances.

The idea of survival reaches far beyond this life experience, and each person has new physical and spiritual existences ever ready — for there is no such thing as extinction. Alive or dead in usual terms, we are always conscious and aware and ourselves, and we are always a part of universal ventures in which we have always been involved, whatever our states of consciousness.

We are supported, never abandoned, and always couched lovingly in the great yet intimate presence of All That Is, whose love forms our breath, our life, our death, as in which the unknown divinity is always blessed and ever known.

It is known and unknown, forming all stages of creativity, and we are held within it, graced to be a part of the divine framework of All That Is.

My blogs, like life itself, have been and are a gift, rising from the immense, never-ending creativity of existence.

Alone, I live within one life that expresses multitudinous voices, and shed its own mercy, gladness, and joy, out into the world at large, enriching it, renewing the springtime, and never truly ending.

To one extent or another, I then speak in these blogs for all peoples, for the united psyches that overflow with thoughts and feelings that are registered by the wind, giving voice to the private, intimate, yet connected lives of men and women throughout the centuries — so that many people, listening to or reading my blogs, hear their own inner voices also, and feel the contours of their own natures, and universal nature as well.


Behind the highest clouds

man and woman have ever seen

there are mountains and

hidden coves from which all 

true proclamations come.

Their sentences are silent

yet they contain a word that

releases and fills secret contracts

between the gods and man and woman,

uttered long ago

uttered without a word or a whisper,

and speaking for me alone

with a magic note

and a secret message

and a sweet response

known to me alone.

The Human Body As A Planet Worth Saving

Few people are much concerned personally with esoteric situations. Many people are involved, however, with various religious ideas and philosophies, whose effects are quite unfortunate in personal experience. The majority of individuals have bouts of poor health now and then, from which they recover — so that all in all a fairly comfortable medium is struck.

It is unfortunately often — but not always — true that individuals who carry strong religious feeling are often bothered more than usual by poor health and personal dilemmas. The fact is that religions have been the carriers of some of the best ideas that man and woman have entertained — but is has also held most stubbornly to the most troublesome concepts that have plagued mankind and womankind.

We cannot divorce philosophy from life, for our thoughts and opinions give our life its meaning and impetus. There are some people who believe that life is meaningless, that it has no purpose, and that its multitudinous parts fell together through the workings of chance alone. Obviously I am speaking here of scientific dogma, but such dogma is far more religious than scientific, for it also expects to be believed without proof, on faith alone.

Such ideas are bound to color any of their followers’ ideas about other subjects also: sexuality, economics, and certainly concepts of war and peace.

Again, each portion of nature is propelled by the inner vitality, energy, and life force within it. The physical body cannot flourish if the individual believes that it and its works are without meaning. Such philosophies do not give man or woman a stake in nature, or in the universe.

All of life is seen as heading for extinction in any case. The entire concept of a soul, life after death, or even life from one generation to the next, becomes largely doubtful, to say the least. In such a philosophical world it would seem that man and woman had no power at all.

As mentioned in my earlier blogs, those concepts can have a hand in the development of would-be suicides, particularly of a young age, for they seem to effectively block a future.

The same ideas are so dead-ended, however, that they often trigger a different kind of response entirely, in which a scientist who has held to those beliefs most stubbornly, suddenly does a complete double-take. This can propel him or her into a rather severe schizophrenic reaction, in which the scientist now defends most fanatically the same ideas that he or she rejected most fanatically only a short time before.

With some variations, the same kind of “sudden conversion” can occur when a person who has berated religious concepts and beliefs suddenly does a double-take of a different kind, ending up as a twice-born Christian.

Both mechanisms suddenly line up the belief systems in one particular manner, knocking aside all doubts but accepting instead a strict obedience to the new belief system, and a new reorganization of life itself beneath that new cause.