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Fifty-Five Foot Radius

This Personal Reality Field we are discussing in previous blogs is simply the field of manifestation: the perimeter in our physical world over which our consciousness has the most control in the creation of Reality Constructs. The radius is about 55 feet for humans.

This is not news however, as Beings of Light have presented these figures to humanity in recent years, and this information has been printed in books and transmitted along our Internet. This figure – 55 feet – is simply something to keep in mind when we are experimenting with consciously creating our physical world. We have the most control within this perimeter.

Beyond 55 feet we cede manifestation energy and responsibility to other forms. Now, we take this with us wherever we go, this boundary of manifestation. So if we are driving one of our automobiles, and we are looking through our window, we have the most control over our automobile and our physical form. For we create our physical form – our body – and we create our automobile also, in addition to all within the radius.

I do not wish to go too deeply into this, as I will explain more about the manifestation of realities later in this series. Simply, humans have 55-foot radius, and animals, insects and even rocks and trees have varying sizes of manifestation fields.

Now, remember that all we experience in our Third-Dimensional reality is conscious, from the material that makes-up our human eye down to the particulate matter that makes up the soil beneath our feet. Ponder this for a moment and I believe we you will receive information I am attempting to convey.

These limitations we are discussing are more a matter of boundaries of the physical senses, than anything else. AS I have stated in other blogs, there are actually no limitations to the Non-Physical Senses and that is why we can use the Inner Senses – which we will cover in later blogs – to contact and interact with beings beyond 55 feet and into other dimensions, across great distances and so on.

The personal field of manifestation is related to the Third-Dimensional reality, in other words. When exploring other dimensions with the Inner Senses, there are no limitations. Our Personal Reality expands to the infinite. It is from a understanding and utilization of this fact of life that we may experience intentionally changing the greater consensus reality from our Personal Reality Field. Thinking Gobally and Acting Locally.


Time, a concept that is very important to those of us in physical reality, though not in the least important to Beings of Light. Humans make much of “time” as we perceive it. We believe that we are making perfect sense when we say to another, “I don’t have time to do what I need to do,” and we seldom see the inherent humor in such a statement, for we take our time so seriously. But I must assure once again of the TRUTH about time.

The truth is that there is no time but the moment – The Present Moment Point. All else – all of the emotion-laden memories of a particular past and the excitement or dread of a particular future – are fabrications of our imagination. We create the added elements of past and future to format our experiences into something comprehensible to our Third-Dimensional, physical senses.

Now this truth-telling regarding time has great utility for us. Knowing and ACCEPTING that there is no time but the current Moment Point – our Point of Power – can free us from any guilt or other negative emotions concerning events from our “past,” and also release us from the needless dread of so-called “future” events yet to come. This moment of truth in our current time-frame, while we are reading this blog, is all we have.

And it is from this Point of Power that we create not only our future, but also our past. I will ask at points throughout this series of blogs, to attempt to internalize this over-riding fact-of-life as a necessary basis for further study and experimentation.

Consciousness Units

Much has been spoken of CUs (conscious units) over the many years of blogging about this concept. Now, simply put, the CU is a model – a Sethian model – for the activity of Reality Creation at its most basic. We may speak of these elements as Awarized Energy subject to the control of human thought. These are basic units of creation we are discussing and we may summarize their activity in a few words: we create our reality out of Awarized Units of Energy – CUs – through our intent powered by our emotion.

Again, in other forums we may seek out more intellectualized descriptions. But, it all can be reduced to this previous simple statement. At its most basic, which is where we must be in these research activities, the CU is the leading edge in Reality Construction. This “edge” is that point in consciousness where we may place our intention and began to create consciously.

Co-creating consciously with All That IS “IS” the object of this research blog. Now if we require a more in-depth description, we may read the previous few lines again while we are in a relaxed state. It is possible we will intuit a deeper understanding of this concept.

There is much more to the printed word, in other words, than one can grasp in one reading. This work, as in other spiritual texts, can be taken to as deep a level as our Soul Evolution may permit. Words have power. The printed words in certain books have the power to spiritualize the reader and open them up to other dimensions. It has been thus.

This current blog has the potential to catalyze in the reader the awakening of the spirit. This is not an intellectual pursuit, however, and we will not find our awakening on the intellectual path. We may spend lifetimes intellectualizing and explaining away our lessons. Yet we may discover in a brief moment in time – in a fraction of a second – the personal meanings for us on the planet Earth at this time. This is my hope for you upon reading this blog.

Up to The Light

Some may wonder what the “The Light” might be. Let us discuss this topic for a moment as background information for those who may be new to this blog material. To begin, humans as born into the Third-Dimensional world with an amnesia. There are exceptions where the child retains the memories, but for the most part, the child is shielded from memories of the time in between lives, the time in the home dimension.

Now in the Home Dimension we are supported on a wave of unconditional love that streams from the energy source for all of creation – All That Is. When it comes time to begin the journey into physical form, the memories of this living state of consciousness are erased.

We incarnate into the physical human body to learn our lessons, and if we remember how perfectly loving and supportive the Home Dimension is, we might choose to cut the Earthly existence before the valuable lessons are learned.

The “light’ then, in our discussion, is partly the divine light of Higher Consciousness: the memories of love and support we experience when not in the physical body. Now light is information – knowledge.

We as a race are becoming more knowledgeable with respect to our spiritual or divine past, present and future. Divine information is being streamed into our Etheric Bodies via glands in our heads. We are waking up to our true state, our divine heritage as gods.

Now, this information may be somewhat “too much” for some of the blog readers of my older material to take seriously. I am reconnecting with you on the subtle levels and helping you to recognize the urgency of our current situation as a Soul.

It is my hope that we will be well-prepared for the coming transformation in human consciousness that has been heralded in these blog writings and many others in our country and around the Earth.

The Energy Personality essence can be many things, including both intellectual AND spiritual. In these writings, I will demonstrate to you for the sake of validity and to help you to relaxed into the material. Just as a teacher in one of our schools will present the material in different formats with a different emphasis according to the effects the teacher wishes to have on the student.

This is, again, divine information you are receiving from a Being of Light. If you have trouble with the words “divine” or “spiritual,” many have similar concerns. I urge the blog reader to explore the TRUE meanings of divine, of spiritual, or love and of confidence.

The Crumbling of Oppressive Organizations

The oppression of mankind and womankind is crumbling away piece by piece. Mankind/womankind will come to terms with its own soul and realize that he/she doesn’t have to be dominated or guilt-ravaged by the idea manipulations of others. The guilt-ridden ideas that have been injected into our belief system have essentially delayed the evolution of our soul. We saw a return or a resurgence of people going back to church after 9/11. Now we see the fall of the church because this was not the answer. The answer lies in our ability to open up our own self to our realities that we have created by us.

We cannot put the blame somewhere else when it lies in our own backyard. We cannot run to God and expect it to be fixed for us. We became scared. We were faced with our own perceived mortality and because of our beliefs it terrified us. Our thoughts, our ideas, our perceived realities create and did create our reality as we know it.

If we want the reality of our world to change we will have to start with oneself. An inner examination of self through meditation will help us start to change our reality. There are many of us out there awakening us. We are being awakened as to the true nature of our soul’s existence.

As I have said before and will say again, We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We have thought of ourselves as a body with a little soul tucked away somewhere in the recesses of our mind to sometimes be brought put on Sundays when we go to church and then neatly tucked back away in the little box we have created, giving all credit to the body and the ego for our existence when in actuality that is not the case.

Our body again, is simply a vehicle for expression and communication. Without you-the-soul maneuvering it, it would be like a comatose person. It would function but there would not be any communication of life force mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It would just be a body, physically functioning, that is it.

The oppression stems from the knowledge that we inherently as a soul know and what has been systematically indoctrinated into our thought process. We are in a constant struggle from what we know to be true and what others, the ones in power, the manipulators, want us to believe. We cannot fool ourselves.

Even though we try to rationalize our reality, you-the-soul knows the different. It only causes more oppression because we have two perceived realities fighting for the right to be heard and expressed: the true reality of the soul and the reality of the ego-self. As we move away from the systematic indoctrination of fear and guilt-ridden religious ideas and put the ego in its place, the oppression will subside.

I am not putting down our churches, however the information that they give us has not seemed to help. It has only hindered our very soul’s evolution. If we are constantly feeling guilty or bad about the existence of our self, how can we possibly move further ahead towards the light of we do not feel worthy of that light. This is where the oppression comes in.

As we know, most churches have strict rules about our behaviors and experiences that our soul is allowed to have. I am not advocating running out and perpetrating crimes against humanity because all of a sudden you feel you have the right to, because you do not and will certainly be in violation of Universal Law.

I am saying examine our beliefs, look at the information that is being given to us. Does it allow us to move closer to the light of The Creator, or does it further repress our soul into a guilt-ridden fear? That reality that is created for us, that fear-based reality, is what we have accepted as the norm.

As we awaken, we will understand that fear is at the root of most of our problems: fear to acknowledge who we are, fear of each other, fear of confronting our own perceived reality, fear of acknowledging our soul’s existence, fear of everything that does not conform to our limited perceptions of our own isolated reality.

We would rather stay comfortable in our thought process where we don’t have to accept this responsibility and can shirk it off to someone else. Oh, leave it up to the pastor. I shall go in and confess my sins and absolved myself and get on with my life, business as usual. This does not work. We have not moved anywhere by doing so. We are still stuck in the same perceived reality that we were in when we walked in.

Many Catholics who say, even though the institution is obviously crumbling, still maintain that they’re going to stick with it to the bitter end. To the better end, notice how they have said “bitter end”.

It will take a great awakening on the part of the churches to admit what they have been doing to the masses. But since they have not been willing to do it in the past, an intervention was necessary and we are in the midst of it as we speak. I will leave it at that.

We see the crumbling of one church but when we look at it, the crumbling of the Muslim religion is in the same throes. Religion is not meant to be what it is now. It was not meant to repress the people. It was not meant to instill so much fear into the people that they could not live their lives and experience their soul’s evolution. This was never the intention.

When The Christ essence appeared in the many forms that he has appeared in, it was never to do what organized religions have done to the belief systems of mankind/womankind. As we know, I have stated The Christ essence is going to come into our world again and he is present now as we speak and has been for over twenty years.

He comes with many other Masters to realign the relationships of the people of our world and will stay for some two thousand years. It is not that the Catholic church is going to crumble down completely, nor is any other religious organization. They all are going to be restructured in truth and unity.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is in the process of this realignment now. Old ways must be broken down and truths revealed so that the unification of consciousness can express itself. We are in the midst of a great restructuring of the beliefs of the citizens of our planet. All of our religious organizations will eventually unite together as one truth in alignment with the will and plan of The Creator.

Natural Health

People are not satisfied with modern medicine, with just taking drugs. They’re turning to natural ways of healing, alternative therapies and such. Drugs inhibit the natural healing processes of the body. They only mask the problem. They do not remove it.

This goes much deeper than the drugs though, because as mankind/womankind changes his/her systems of belief he/she will see that drugs are no longer effective. He/she will not need drugs, he/she will not think he/she needs drugs, and he/she will not be standing in line like at the candy store waiting for the latest miracle cure because he/she will know that the cure is within his/her own power of his/her being and that drugs are not a cure.

There is no drug on our planet that is a cure. It is simply a mask of symptoms which can only be tolerated for so long before new symptoms appear, then the rotating cycle of a new drug is given and so on and so forth. As mankind/womankind moves into the fourth dimension, none of this will be necessary.

Humanity will be able to live as many as two-hundred or more years per life cycle unless we meet with accidents. But in this process humanity will also be creating less of its own species, for humanity will not see the need to prolifically populate the planet. We will be free of our guilt related to our sexuality and religious indoctrinations relating to procreation.

Earth is moving out of the third-dimensional reality and as this happens there will be no need for some of the archaic habits and beliefs that we have for so long held onto.

Wonders of The Fourth Dimension

Let me explain something about here about the fourth dimension. As mankind/womankind moves into the unity of consciousness dimension many of his/her abilities are enhanced. These things will come naturally as this process takes place. Man/woman will learn to understand the power of his/her own energy and how to harness his/her own energy and thought process, to alter his/her thought process, to alter his/her environment. The reason we do not have this ability now, is because in the third dimension there are those who would abuse it.

This knowledge is obtained only when one has purified their thoughts and successfully made transition. It is very simple and as the planet moves forward all will become common knowledge. Most of this is hard to comprehend in our three-dimensional reality, however many of us are going to be in that reality forever.

We are definitely moving toward the peaceful fourth dimension. Beings of Light are making great strides to awaken mankind/womankind to his/her energy field, because as we begin understand it we will be able to raise the vibrational hum of our being, thus allowing for the transition.

Crystals are highly effective in capturing energy and will be looked at seriously as a source of power, however the technology will not be given until mankind’s/womankind’s thoughts are purified. There are also other sources of free power available to our world after we have made the transition into the fourth-dimensional awareness. The Earth can no longer sustain the primitive methods that mankind/womankind uses to propel himself/herself around.

These crystals are fully capable of harnessing the energy from the sun and beings as well. We will only see them and have access to them in the fourth dimension.

It’s a more primitive way, however the concept that shaman from traditional cultures use crystals to heal and help the tribe, has some associations. In the future, the crystals will be quite large and hold massive amounts of energy that will be propelled through grids for the various needs of mankind/womankind.

Atlantean technologies, will be the reality in the future of our world. Envision the crystals, they are like giant monoliths. All energy can be harnessed within them and re-dispersed.

The crystals are used to harness the energy. They come in various sizes. The largest ones are used to harness mass amounts of energy. The smaller ones are used for devices which mankind/womankind will choose to use in his/her existence. Again they are not visible to us at this time but we will see them and use them when we cross over into the fourth dimension.

Emotions and Fear of Death

Refined emotions, yes you will no longer operate on the emotional level of fear. The fear is what is going to be removed from us at this time in the evolution of our soul. Fear is the emotion of the dark forces. The dark forces would love to see mankind/womankind bathed in a sea of fear. Many, many books have brought to light the evolution of the soul and have thus started to eliminate mankind’s/womankind’s fears about his/her being and about his/her so-called impending death, because death does not exist.

One of the first and biggest steps of mankind/womankind is to realize that death is just a transition of his/her energy from the physical body to another form of energy. We are no more dead now than we will be on the day that we die and “die” meaning the day that our physical body ceases to function.

The preservation of the species of mankind/womankind is predicated on the knowledge that he/she will know that he/she will continue to exist in a peaceful and harmonious environment and that with his/her very thoughts he/she will move his/her species into that peaceful realm. Most of mankind/womankind does not want to have to come back and face the negativity and fears associated with our existence right now. As we know, we have chosen to experience these lives and in doing so it would behoove us to experience then in a more peaceful manner than to constantly be fighting for our ego-survival.

The negative forces have had such a horrible impact on the physical body and the mass belief systems of the entities on our planet. They have done much to destroy the natural healing processes that the body was built with. If left alone the body is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. It does not need artificial means to stimulate it or to prevent it from doing its job. It was beautifully designed to enhance the experience of the human condition. It was meant to experience all of its parts joyously and freely for the growth and the evolution of the soul.

Anger is a natural emotion. If left unchecked to just allow itself to manifest it will dissolve itself. We need to experience anger to release the energies that caused the anger but in that release we should not be hurting others but instead question why we had the anger. What were the circumstances that caused our perceived beliefs about how and what we expected from the person or persons that we feel caused the anger?

Had we set up false perceived realities for oneself and then those realities were not manifested? Did we not get what we were expecting and therefore we lashed out in anger and hurt others because it didn’t go our perceived way? It would appear that people or persons are not conforming to our perceived reality. We set ourselves up for our own anger. If we would allow others to perceive their reality in their own way and we experience ours in our own way and leave no expectations out there we would be much happier as a species. We would take what we get and be happy and move on.

The Chakras and DNA

We have not developed our use of telepathic communication on a grand scale. Stimulation of thought in reading books does allow for the opening of chakras.

The more information or knowledge we obtain, the more knowledge that is given to us. The more aware that we become of our spiritual being, the more of our own knowledge we become aware of. It’s an evolutionary thing. As our spiritual knowledge becomes more integrated into our being, our soul evolves. The evolution of our DNA is directly associated with Divine knowledge being given to us. DNA holds within it the coding and information of our history and the blueprint of our Universe. As we accept the knowledge that is being given to us our DNA will evolve and release to us our multidimensional history.

The chakras are the energy information centers directly associated with the evolving DNA. As the DNA evolves and moves through our central nervous system it will stimulate the chakras. When our own twelve chakras are stimulated we then will be able to plug into other etheric energy discs in alignment with many sets of twelve centers outside the body. With this evolution the vibrational hum of the species will be elevated. This will propel us into the fourth dimension.

Everyone experiences grace all the time. We are a state of grace we are just unaware of it. I don’t know if I would use grace per se however let me see if I can put this into terms that the reader of this blog would be able to understand. The knowledge starts to flow forth and brings a clearer perception to our soul’s being. We just become more intuitive and clear about the purpose of our life and our existence as these chakras open. We are experiencing knowledge that we have already had for millions of years. The reality of our multidimensional self comes to the forefront and we are aware of it and we are able to feel it, all of it good and bad.

Our soul always carries with it in our DNA and the very molecular structure of our being all of our memories and knowledge. As this evolution takes place it will be easy for us to access it. Our brain is a virtual computer warehouse of information that we have only very slightly began to use its full capacity to process all of its simultaneous experiences and access Universal Knowledge. The knowledge is all there in the DNA. Our scientists cannot see the functions of our brain or our so-called junk DNA, because to them they have to see it to believe it. Much of this cannot be detected by our primitive scientific measures.

There are twelve chakras . Some of them we are not aware of at this time. The first seven are points within the human body and the etheric body, access portals if we prefer to use that, where information can be released or obtained. With the evolution of mankind/womankind into the unity of consciousness dimension all twelve will be available and as man/woman raises his/her vibration the DNA is being restructured to the twelve strands from the double helix. If we wish to activate these chakras it is important to meditate and release ourselves from our emotional baggage. We may also opt for hypnosis which for some who find it difficult to mediate can be of much help. We will need to be able to handle the multitude of experience that will be released to us without judgment or fear.

The body chakras are as follows: Survival, Sexuality, Emotion, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and the Crown Chakra. The spiritual chakras outside the body are as follows: number eight it twelve inches above our crown chakra, number nine is three feet above the crown chakra, number ten is the link to the solar system, number eleven is the link to the galactic system and number twelve is the multi-universal link to galactic beyond our own. It will be anchored in our sun system. As we further evolve as a species more will be added but at this time in our evolution this is all that will be needed.

the multidimensional soul

Some of us may not understand how we can Live many lives at the same time. I will try to explain. The energy of oneself that encompasses the greater portions of the actualized self is capable of branching-out portions of itself into other lives to experience them. You have an infinite amount of energy that we could be using to achieve this. The physical manifestation of self in our time frame is only but a minute portion of the totally of who we are. The diagram that I drew up to help us focus on our point of power would somewhat illustrate this. As always,we choose how many lives we wish to experience at any given time. Each time our energy makes the transition from a physical body to our home dimension, some of that energy is returned to the whole if we choose. We may bring as much energy as we feel that we need into each life, This would be evident in some of our great leaders, who have brought greater amounts of energy into those lives because it would be needed to accomplish their objectives.

If we can envision this clearly, we will experience lives in the same way as that The Creator, distributing different portions of our total energy into different lives to be experienced whenever and however we wish. It is also quite possible for us to experience more than one life in a given timeframe. Separate souls on different aspects of the evolutionary path. Of these simultaneous lives, some portions may be in one part of the world living out their lives, while others that are quite unaware of, may be living out their lives in another part of the world or even on other planets for that matter. All is possible, yet we have focused on our perceived reality as the only one we have or will ever have. It is simply not the case.

The following illustration will help us visualize the concepts I have presented here in its very limited sense as there is far more to the greater reality of self than this limited diagram. Envision the total energy of oneself as we branch out to all of our simultaneous incarnational lives. The diagram illustrates envisioning a matrix of energy as the main portion of our soul’s energy, the portion that we have brought into this life and other portions in our other simultaneous lives that we are not focusing on in this current life. We are at present using a portion of our energy to focus in this timeframe. All of our simultaneous lives are still continuing to exist. If we wish to affect them, we will need to focus on sending our healing energies from this point of power to them. In doing so, we are able to branch out to the rest of our lives, thus affecting our past, our present and our future. The information that we send in a positive light with an abundance of love, will affect those lives in a most beneficial way and further our own spiritual evolution.


Often times in the dream state other realities will be revealed to us and in the dream state we communicate with our other selves all the time. We are not able to focus on more than one timeframe for very long though in the waking state, due to the portions of the brain that we refer to as gray matter. Certain portions of the brain could handle the simultaneous material, but only for a limited time. In other words, we cannot live and experience all of our lives at once in our dream/waking state in our current physical body. With the expansion of our consciousness these areas of the brain are being activated. It is quite possible for us to experience some of our multiple selves with meditation and hypnosis. Some individuals are capable of tapping into past and future lives as we think of them in the hypnotic state. We are always learning from the experiences of our probable selves being the thoughts and impulses that we did not act upon. Even though we did not actualize those thoughts with our actions in this point of power, nevertheless they are real and are still being carried out in the same manner that our life is as we know it.

Let me give you an example here: suppose at a young age, you are a woman or maybe a man and you either had a child or fathered a child. Then that child either died or maybe was given up for adoption. Either way, you were not part of the child’s experience still lives on as a probable reality that you did not manifest into action but nonetheless the energy of the thoughtform still continued on. If you want to experience that probably reality for your self in this point of power, imagine to yourself starting at the beginning of the experience when you made whatever decision. Now you are experiencing another probable reality within your life that you did not actualize into form in this point of power. You can take this as far as you want to and eventually it will lead you to another probable outcome of one of your probable selves. These probable selves are all extensions of your consciousness. They are experiences of your greater energy source that you have not focused on or acted out in your present point of power. However, they are as valid as the present focused reality in which you are engaged as you read this blog.

Now our conscious mind and our biological nature are of one. They cannot be separated and they function harmoniously together. The thoughts of our conscious mind directly affect our biological self. Our conscious mind directs the activity of the self and allows it the freedom to move around our environment. It is the directive needed to maintain our existence from millisecond to millisecond. All the cells in our body rely on it to carry out their orders for our state of being. So our thoughts, for they also have the impetus to seek out their own fulfillment. They are expressed through our desires to make them into our reality, to experience them through the creative development of our creaturehood. As the cells in our body respond to the stimulus of our thoughts and the manifestations of our actions, we are co-creating our reality with the many probable realities available to us, thus expending our consciousness. Since we have free will, we will only experience and believe what we want to, but as we awaken to the endless possibilities of our reality we will be presented with a greater challenge to those beliefs. We will be opening the doors to the vast richness of our being and in doing so other areas of self will start to unfold and reveal themselves to us.

In coming together as a species, not as a race or races, but as humans together in a collective consciousness for the happiness and health of all and acceptance of all, the alignment begins and so does the healing, the healing of the wounds of mankind from the separation of selves. There is no separation from us and every living thing throughout the Universes and the consciousness of All That Is. The God consciousness is within us, not outside of us the way we believe it to be. It is internally integrated into every cell of our being. It cannot be removed and set up on a cloud to look down upon us in judgment of us. The only judgment comes from self’s limited perceptions of who he is and his expectations of self based on the acceptance and opinions of others. As one breaks away from his/her exterior reality and belief systems and starts to focus on his/her inner reality, he/she will find most if not all the answers that he/she is searching for. In a way, the inner reality provides all the stimulus and information we need to experience the outer reality. We do not need interference of external stimuli that is not grounded in the fulfillment of the happiness of the soul. In discovering the scientific facts about our biological nature, that we hold to be the reality of our being, external stimuli so to speak, we remove ourselves farther and farther from the knowledge we so desperately wish to attain. That knowledge lies within the consciousness of every living, not within the physical framework. When we truly understand the uniqueness of consciousness, then we will begin to experience the answers that we are searching for.

If we did not feel the need to manipulate and destroy our outside reality and instead focused on the wisdom of our inner reality, there would be no need for wars or devastation on our planet. We would be consciously in balance with nature and all living things including oneself. At one time on this planet this is how we lived in our ancient civilizations, but we grew away from this in pursuit of other stimuli. We essentially threw oneself out of balance and have been trying to get back ever since. When reading this blog, it is my sincerest desire that all of us will begin the awakening and start to enjoy the benefits of the vast library of knowledge that is inwardly available to us and start to look at our lives with a renewed interest in our planet and the other life forms that have so willingly sacrificed their lives for our unnecessary pursuit of external knowledge. All the answers lie within. All we have to do is listen. Below is another exercise to assist us in understanding and healing other portions of our energy.

If I may ask you to look at it in this light: Imagine yourself standing in front of a large wall approximately thirty feet long and fifteen feet high. Now, on this wall starting from the left and moving to the right are markers, say every two inches, stacked in rows with approximately one foot between them from upper to lower. The wall may have several thousand markers. To make this simple we will say one thousand markers. Each marker is a life play that you wish to experience with a script of probable realities co-created by you and others. They do not necessarily have to be experienced in any order. Starting at the top left end would be timeframes from your past as you perceive it and move progressively to the right and across and then down again and across always moving to the right. Each move to the right moves into a timeframe ahead of the one prior and eventually far into the future as you perceive it, say thousands of our years ahead of your life as you know it now. What I want you to do in this exercise is focus on your point of power in this timeframe. I would like you to send thoughts of loving and healing energy to all of the markers on the wall. These markers again represent lives that you may or may not be participating in. The idea here is to use your point of power in the NOW to heal your simultaneous lives and bring them into the light.

The wall also represents the many lives available to you when you make the transition of your energy from the Earth plane to the home dimension where you did your life review. As I mentioned earlier, you enter through a holographic matrix into several of those lives to determine the ones you would like to incarnate into. This happens more than you are aware of as souls step into probable lives on our Earth planet. They are able to manifest themselves briefly into lives through the use of the hologram. It is only an illusion to the souls already on Earth when they appear, but nonetheless quite real within the framework of illusion on the Earth plane. When the souls sheds the body of a life completed, the soul may choose any of the other lives that has carefully created to experience. It is like going to school, one grade completed and then you move on. So it is with the life and death experience of soul.

You may, as you look at this wall, go back or forward in time to experience these lives, since there is no time outside the framework of the Earth plane. Timeframes were set in place for the benefit of soul on Earth. It would be too much for the soul’s total energy to focus on experiencing just one of the lives at one time. The total sum of energy of your being would be too much for one physical body to withstand. The soul focuses a portion of its energy in as many lives as it chooses, each one focusing on its own point of power in that timeframe to fully experience that life and in doing so is constantly altering the experiences of the other lives. The other selves are not aware of it consciously, however all influence each other’s experiences.

There are many probable realities in each life and we will choose those we wish to manifest as our perceived reality in any given life. The other probable realities will still be experienced, but we will not be focusing on them. For instance, when the lessons of our current life are learned and experienced, they can be done with if we choose not to experience them again. Some of those same lessons will be written into other lives as well. Since those lessons were learned and experienced, they no loner need to be manifested in the other lives. Usually we will incarnate into a life with at least three or four lessons that we wished to master the learning experience from. We have free will and since there are thousands of lives to choose from, we may choose to focus on another life or lives with a completely different set of circumstances. All choices are made by us with our free will.

Oftentimes there will be counseling from the elders of the Council as to which life would be appropriate for this portion of our energy to focus on the next time around, but even that is only advice and we will always have the freewill to choose. We do not have to focus on each and every one of the thousands of lives we have set up for oneself unless we choose to do so. Others may take our place if we wish to abandon one or many. We may do the same with other’s probable lives and step into situations that others souls have abandoned. Most often this interplay is contained within the soul groups that we usually incarnate with. The majority of our life experiences are experienced within that same group, switching back and forth as mother, father, child etc. Many of these lives we have already focused on and experienced at this point in our evolution, so we will choose from the remaining ones where certain lessons and experiences still need to be mastered.

In gaining a clear understanding of the life/death process, mankind/womankind can erase his/her fears and embrace the transition of his/her energy with love. Our loved ones will be with us in what seems to be the blink of an eyes when we are not in a physical body and have returned to our soul’s home. Earth lives are quite short because of all the negativity and stress associated with our current evolutionary aspect of the Earth plane. It is necessary, for the soul would be too traumatized if life were any longer and would not wish to experience other lives. Many times this happens and the soul will wait what appears to be hundreds of Earth years to enter into another life or lives to focus upon.

These situations are unplanned, they are part of the will and plan of The Creator. Every probable reality in each life is planned with all involved within the group and even outside of the group. We share our lives with many of the same souls over and over again, for these souls are the ones closest to us and we all have agreed to experience these lives together to learn. Sometimes we incarnate with other portions of oneself incarnated with us, part of our total energy. Simultaneously living together in the same timeframe and sometimes in the same family, lessons are learned, so to speak, through oneself, with oneself. What we perceive to be our worst enemy may just be a part of our total energy and another extension of us.

As we look at others, we may be looking at a reflection of ourselves and at oneself. All is possible. Our energy is a very minute part of the infinite energy source of All that Is, nonetheless enough for this vast energy source to experience every emotion and life experience. No two souls will experience the same situation in the same way. Each will have its own interpretation of the experience even though the experience may appear to be identical. The energy of ALL That Is therefore is experiencing every facet of humanity and of other Universes through the manifestation of its energy into souls.

As mankind/womankind desires tranquility and love on his/her planet so it will be brought forth. As we change our reality with our thoughts and abandon our fears, we will no longer be terrorized. Our thoughts are the most powerful energy in all of creaion for they create our experiences. They initiate the thrust of action on our part and manifest our experience into our reality. Knowing this, understand that our reality is what we create. The manuscripts of our religions project onto us the visions of heaven and hell. Mankind’s/womankind’s heaven and hell are his/her own projections ofactualized thoughtforms manifested into reality on the Earth plane. It is what he creates for himself/herself through his/her thoughts and actions that will determine his/her beliefs about his/her reality and whether he/she is living in his/her fel or his/her heaven.

What we manifest through our thoughts and beliefs we create for our perceived reality. It’s that simple. If we wish to live in fear and terror, we will. If we wish to live in joyous harmony with our planet and its beings, we will. Since we are moving into the unity of consciousness dimension, what we manifest by virtue of our thoughts will be instantly created for us. This is why it is imperative that our thoughts be purified. If we move into this dimension with thoughts of fear for example, then our fears will instantly be manifested into our reality. For some of us this could appear to be very frightening depending on what we have envisioned for ourselves.

Each time we catch oneself harboring negative thoughts, be consciously aware of them and remind oneself that we are working towards eliminating this kind of thinking. This isn’t going to happen over night, however with repetitive conscious reminders to oneself in each instance it will start to manifest itself into our daily reality. Before too long we will respond with positive thoughts to situations instead. For instance, someone may cut in front of you while driving and because of your old conditioning you may feel that they did it deliberately or whatever. Instead you may say to yourself, “This person just didn’t judge the distance too well or maybe they are a new driver.” A harmless positive thought instead of an angry negative thought. That’s all it takes to start reconditioning our thoughts. Granted there will always be some situations that will be hard to justify and we will have to do our best to find some good in it.

If we observe other individuals, we will notice that there are always some people who are happy, no matter what. It is because they have not subscribed to the fear-based belief system of our world. They have decided that they will experience their lives joyously and they will not let fear grip their reality. They are in control of their thoughts and most often negative thoughts would not even enter into their thinking. They will most often see only the positive outlook to any situation even if they have made it up in their minds. These individuals have already evolved themselves into a fourth-dimensional consciousness in many ways. They are walking among us. When we meet one of them we know it immediately because we are most likely drawn to them. They make us feel good and we like to be around them. They validate us and show their love for us without prejudice or fear of rejection. This is what it will be like for all of us in this dimension where there is no fear and no terror. Life will be joyously experienced for the happiness of all as our soul was meant to live. We will begin to learn the art of cooperation with others and the wonderful feeling of expressing the Divine qualities of our soul openly to the world.

As fears are erased we will be able to communicate with other LIght Beings throughout the Universes and share universal knowledge, for we will understand that The Creator or God if you call it that, wears many outfits, in many colors, to fully experience everything in the Universe that he wishes to. As we grow in the knowledge that is so rightfully ours and reawaken to ourselves, we evolve. If we ignore fear and do not understand and embrace it, then it will grow and become our reality. If we want peace, we will have it. Create it with our thoughts. Believe in it and believe in the power of our being to do so. This probable reality will indeed manifest itself if humanity would consciously come together and make this happen.

Now let us discuss the relationship of the ego to the soul. Many of our fears about death are based in the reality of the ego. They have no power in the soul’s reality. We have let the ego take control of our knowledge. The ego does not want to die, but the ego is not us, the soul is us. The ego is a manifestation of the mind experience. The ego separates our soul from its development. Consciously, with our perceived sets of beliefs, we have let the ego take over our thoughts. However, soul knows differently and in dream state is oftentimes living the life that we have consciously denied ourselves in the waking state. Our dreams are a great reflection of the many facets of soul’s experiences in this life that we are focusing on. Soul travels to all of them, i all timeframes during the sleep state. We are consciously unaware of it, however if we take the time to write down our dreams we may be surprised to see how much they can reveal to us.

The ego is very protective and will deny the soul’s reflection of itself through the body. It does not want to acknowledge the soul aspect of our being. It is only concerned with itself and the physical body in which it resides. As we open our eyes and begin to validate you-the-soul, our ego-self will do its best to foil those attempts by reminding us of our fears and doubts. It is a master at trickery and deception for it is ruled by the materialistic force of dark. For cons our soul has been incarnating over and over again always striving to reflect itself through the physical vehicle. The ego has stood in its way much of the time. To some degree our physical vehicle needs the ego for it has been useful in our survival. The soul and the ego must learn to cooperate with each other for the good of the total being. When that happens the soul will have finally mastered its vehicle and will no longer need to incarnate into it. That is the goal of the soul when taking on physical incarnations. The lessons you are to learn and experience from are always related in some way or the other to the ego. When the soul has mastered this aspect of its reality it will no longer be tethered to its lower dimension.

The ego will do whatever necessary to invalidate the soul for it perceived its very existence to be threatened by the soul. The soul would not behave the way the ego does and it knows this. It is looking for validation in the physical body that it is lackig in the spiritual body. This causes many problems within our soul. Since our birth we have been invlidated in one way or the other. Our religions invalidate us with their dogma that we have subscribed to these beliefs. The Christ consciousness did not come here to die for our sins. We are not sinners unworthy of living our life. This is man’s/woman’s idea of himself/herself, projected onto the masses through the guise of religion. Our souls are full of love that radiates with brilliant light. The man-made/woman-made religious beliefs of being a sinner and unworthy invalidated us if we did not conform to their perceived sets of beliefs. As soon as we were able to communicate our desires as a child, the invalidation began and continued all through our lives in one form or the other. We are beautiful, bright, loving beings worthy of all that we desire. Mankind/womankind builds great walls of separation around himself/herself in the hopes of being invulnerable to his/her beliefs and fears. Our pent-up emotions eventually must be released and often they are in a variety of ways, either with disease of the physical being of in acts of uncontrolled negative aggression against others. We were not meant to live like this. We have created for ourselves such a whirlwind of fear and anxiety in our everyday lives that our life spans have actually shortened.

Without the medical advances that our scientists have made to keep us alive longer, many of us would be dying off much younger. It is quite possible for humans to live hundreds of years in future lives on the planet after we have mastered our fears. Our stress levels will be greatly diminished and we will be free to experience the beauty of our being and the wonders of our planet, other planets and their life forms. As we learn to live our life without dear, then we will truly have started to evolve our consciousness forward. Trust in ourselves and our future and we will open up to the wisdom of our truth. We will experience peace and joy and we will know the God wuth us.

Moving out of darkness

It is time to stop competing with each other and start cooperating with one another for the good of all. The fruitless endeavors of our governments to dominate have brought about many of the circumstances that they are trying to prevent. The leaders of many nations have been interfering to various degrees with the sovereignty and cultures of other nations, trying to strip them of their heritage and individuality and manipulating them into the Western way of life. What I am getting at here is that America and some of the other nations of perceived power must not “assume” that their way is the only way. I am not advocating the actions of the terrorists, however I do see a certain amount of interference from our own country and that others that precipitated these events.

For years the plight of the people of impoverished nations has been relatively ignored by the nations of great power. Those leaders have done little to relieve the suffering of millions. Instead they have tried to westernize them and force them into accepting the invasion of corporate greed. Now, in hindsight they are wondering why this has happened. They need only look at their actions or lack of to find the answers. We cannot rape and pillage the Earth or its inhabitants without suffering dire consequences for those actions. It will not be allowed. There will come a time when the minds of the few in power will be halted abruptly by the minds of many.

Corporate Greed in rampant within the Western world and the mass globalization of capitalistic dream has left many countries in fear for their own sovereignty. When two thirds of the world is starving, as it is today, and the rest of the world is ignoring their plight, as it has been doing, terrorism will continue. It is the cancer of our societies today. Many in the so-called civilized nations of power bathe themselves in luxury, spending their money on materialistic goods that have been forcefully produced by undeveloped countries that cannot even afford to grow their own food, because of the demand for products from the Western world. If we will, just observe around us and take notice of how wastefully our fellow countrymen/countrywomen spend their money of frivolous objects of pleasure while at the same time ignoring the plight of millions of starving people worldwide. Because it is not in our own backyard, we refuse to look and see. We refuse to get involved. One cannot justify these situations by saying that this is what the people want, for it is not so. All of mankind/womankind should be able to enjoy all of the benefits of life on this planet, not just those who have money and power within their nations. The corporations of the world are forcing their products upon many of the world’s citizens, wiping out their way of life and slowly spoon-feeding them a diet of Western greed. It is sad for those of us to observe the careless way that the so-called civilized world views the rest of humanity. They are them, apart from us as we see it, but we are all in the same.

The mass globalization of the Western world into the lives and cultures of other nations fuels the fires of anger of the citizens of those nations. Corporate greed is stripping them of their identities and their power to sustain themselves. While the Western world is busy spending lavishly on themselves and feeding their bank accounts, they look away from the other two thirds of the world struggling to stay alive, two thirds of the world’s people who know not where their next meal is coming from or if their children will live through the night. The Western world and some of the other nations of power are busily creating useless objects – trinkets – from the sacrifice of other life forms, and every conceivable gadget to hold the limited attention of those who already have so much yet they are constantly on a mission to obtain more. The few organizations able to help are forced to beg others for money. “Others” are most often willing to donate only if it serves a corporate purpose, i.e. tax relief. Companies and businessmen then tend to look for experts in tax resolution to better understand their taxes. There are vaious aspects that come in when dealing with the ambit of business taxation, and for the same, only experts who are adept in corporate tax return canada or any other country, could prove beneficial. Not that it is wrong, but there should be a moral compass to say the least. There are those who will say that they give, and some of us do, but what are the true motivations behind the giving? When the giving comes sincerely from the heart, then and only then will we be able to see the need of the starving millions and understand the soul’s mission. As long as the giving is a political and corporate decision, it is without merit, for it truly is not given from the soul.

If one would consciously examine their life and their monetary assets it would be acutely obvious that much of what we spend on our desire to make ourselves feel better. All the material possessions in the world will not make us feel better, for you-the-soul knows better. They are but desires f the ego. What is the ego? It is like a tiny voice offering us everything, but really nothing. It is our creation. We have given power to it by believing in it. It will foil any attempt at our knowing the true feeling of feeling good. For feeling good to the soul is watching a starving human being eat a meal that is nutritious and seeing those individuals have proper health care and shelter. Allow the ego to slip away and our true self will emerge.

The world is on the brink of a global collapse. No longer can mankind/womankind blame anyone else for his/her situation, for mankind/womankind has to been willing to help others or take an interest in anything that is not within the realms of his/her own isolated illusions. If each one of you readers would look at the world in a different light and begin to help others less fortunate than yourselves and share the wealth and resources of our planet, there is an abundance of resources available to mankind/womankind on our planet, yet few nations with the most power and corporate interests have managed to hoard them all for themselves. Why is it that our governments have warehouses of food stockpiled, oftentimes just rotting away, and others have nothing to eat? How does mankind/womankind justify this kind of behavior? There is no such thing as a superpower in the eyes of The Creator. Superpower is manifested by the egos of mankind/womankind for the dominance of others. Others do not need to be dominated. Others need for the ones who envision themselves to be the superpowers to share the planet’s resources with them and allow them to have the freedoms and benefits that our Western world so lavishly enjoys.

If the very rich in our country would get off their pedestals and see that they are controlled by their own greed and illusions of power and start to answer the calls to abandon their kingdoms and help humanity, they would experience the true meaning of love. They would begin to know the love of self, for the love of self is not a material possessions and lavish vacations in the world will not bring us one bit closer to the reality of who we are, it will only increase the distance between us and our soul and delay our evolution.

When we stand by and watch millions starving, it is us who will be starved; starved of the light of The Creator and the diving nature of our soul and our purpose on our planet. If we cannot see the light, the light will remain dim or burnout all together until such time as we begin to seek the light. It would be quite a different existence to be living one’s life as a clam or inside of a rock for hundreds or thousands of years. Yet all is possible, and as the light dims, this may be the path chosen.

The soul-we knows whether or not we are living a life in alignment with The Creator’s diving energies or whether we are allowing the ego to rule the roost. The ego will always look for ways to elevate itself on the lack of others. The Western world is so caught up in materialistic trappings that many of us will simply try to ignore what we have just read. However, once we have read it, the soul knows that it cannot be ignored and the ego is fully aware whether consciously or unconsciously of its actions. We will justify the corporate greed as a means to support our families, or whatever pops into our minds. We certainly have to support our families, that is true. However look at it in a different light if you will. Why not dispense with the items that don’t really matter and start to concentrate on useful items for the people of the world. Food clothing, health care, medicines for the most basic needs, clean drinking water for all, sanitation, adequate and sturdy shelter. There are many useful items that mankind/womankind has invented that would greatly improve the lives of the starving millions. We can live a much simpler life. We do not need to live with all the trappings of the ego. many of us crave the simpler life, the life that we once knew when we were young. These are just a few of the things that would help to restore the the balance of the resources of the planet. The world is full of talented, educated individuals that could provide the necessary tools for the underprivileged nations of the planet. It is not about what we have in our world or how much wealth we can amass, it is about sharing the resources of the planet, about loving our fellow humans and taking an active interest in their lives so that all may experience the plenitude of gifts our planet has to offer.

If the wealthy nations of the world would learn to live with less and start to focus their energies on helping others, the entire world would remake itself. We do not have to buy into corporate greed and globalization. We have the power to stop the atrocities with our funds, for we are the ones who can make the difference to those in need. If we do not support the greedy corporations and refuse to buy their products, we will force them into looking at the way they do business with the rest of the world, for they are only motivated by money and profits.

Taking one small step at a time, by each and every one of us who feel that we have had no say in the plight of mankind/womankind, we will be able to create a peaceful world where all beings are free to live their lives without fear, prejudice or greed. The majority of us are living in splendid conditions with an abundance of items that we do not even need. Why not take those items and donate them to worthwhile causes or start our own and redistribute the proceeds to help feed the world’s hungry. It takes a willingness on our part to see the need of our fellow human beings and do something about it. If we sit back and wait for others to do it for us, then evolution will sit back and wait for us. It’s that simple.

Humanity cannot continue on its disruptive path of negative energy without having to pay a price. Search in our hearts and we will see what I mean. We have all participated at one time or another in hatred, greed, selfishness, and domination. Examine our inner self carefully and we will see that our or your leader’s actions or lack of actions precipitated the manifestation of 9/11 and other events. It is not a matter of good vs. evil. Now I know again we have have trouble this because of our preconceived ideas that if there is a good there has to be an evil. These are only realities that we have created. These are realities that we have subscribed to because we are not in touch with our soul’s purpose within the divine plan of The Creator.

The Beings of Light that are now descending upon the Earth are bringing many new energies that mankind/womankind will slowly begin to accept, “energies” meaning ideas and concepts that have long been forgotten. The souls coming into incarnation at this time are the ones who will lead our planet into its new level of consciousness. They are sending their energies to the minds of mankind/womankind at this time, bring an abundance of love into our souls and stimulating our awakening. The soul’s essence will begin to remember. There is a multitude of information available to each and every one of us. As we awaken we will be able to tap into this information. However, we are encouraged to make the effort to open our eyes and dissolve the hatred and racial barriers to our soul’s light. We have been gently stimulated to awaken our consciousness. When I say WE, I am speaking of myself and many others like myself, as I am not unto myself alone. I am not. I am no different than you. However, all my abilities and memories are available to me. They are available to you as well, you just have forgotten now to access them. The encumbrances of our bodies and our pre-programmed ideas of what our world if like have stood in our way much of the time. As we evolve, so do I.

We are very concerned about the Earth planet because there has been so much destruction. Mother Earth can no longer continue on this path. Our planet Earth is no longer in balance with the rest of the Universe. It is off balance and if it were not for the intervention of Light Beings from the higher dimensions, our planet would have been destroyed by now because of our actions. We are swirling in mass amounts of radioactive debris that is responsible for most of the new diseases and cancers on our planet. Each time we build a nuclear explosion underground, we are killing ourselves. Sure, everyone working on a nuclear plant needs protection and has looked into a hazmat suit for sale and other protective equipment. Sure, the workers are supposedly safe from the radiation when working near the toxicity. Despite this, the particles still could affect us in some way. Regardless of what our leaders have told us about its safety, tiny particles are being released into our atmosphere every day. It is of such great magnitude, that it is not stopped, there will be no more life on our planet. We have not developed instruments sensitive enough to detect this radiation, however I assure you, we are all breathing it every day. This is not part of the divine plan for mankind/womankind. There are other forms of energy available to us, all we have to do is implement them. Eventually we will be able to harvest our thoughts with light through the use of energy crystals but that time is not yet upon us. There are energy sources available to mankind/womankind that are free and are safe. As we evolve our consciousness towards the light all will be revealed to us, but until then these secrets will not be given to us. Mankind/womankind must prove that he/she is capable of using them fairly and wisely. At this point we are not ready. Our behaviors are too unpredictable.

Western world leaders have focused on their military might with such a vengeance that it is becoming the accepted norm to go after the perceived enemy with all sorts biological and chemical warfare. Our leaders are swathed in military arms that are capable of turning our planet into a cosmic pile of debris, hurling its citizens into the endless abyss of pace. The dire spiritual ramifications of such hateful and aggressive behavior are left to swirl about us like a cyclone of debris attaching itself to the very fibers or our existence.

This is not what the founders of our great nation had in mind when they spoke of the right to bear arms. These acts are not God-oriented and do not conform with Universal Law. I have spoken before on this as “a violation.” This is a violation. Intentionally projecting hateful thoughts and terrorizing society is a violation. Spinning like a web around the souls of man/woman, these thoughts eventually suffocate our very existence as we know it and leave us in a spiritual abyss, a limbo of sorts, until we seek the light. This kind of thinking only keeps the consciousness of mankind/womankind saturated in fear. We may think these weapons are protecting us, however our soul know better. When one “assumes” this to be their protection that is exactly what one is doing. Our protection lies in the unity of self with the will and plan Of The Creator.

This cannot continue much longer if we are to survive as a species. Increasingly disturbing weather patterns have been experienced across our planet. This will likely continue. The Earth is fighting back, manifesting weather patterns that will serve to wash away the destruction of her delicate skin by mankind/womankind. The great upheavals of our mountains spew forth the abundance or negativity that has been injected into the body of Mother Earth. The global cleansing has begun as the Earth prepares for the transition into the peaceful harmonics of the fourth dimension and her alignment with the rest of the Universe.

In order to facilitate the healing process on our planet, the energies of its citizens and leaders need to be realigned with the light energies of All That Is. If we wish to make a difference in changing the reality of our world, I will give another exercise that, if practice daily, will begin the healing.

If you will, meditate daily on creating peace in our world by focusing our attention on sending healing energies to our leaders that they become aware of the global problems in our world instead of their own isolated illusions. If you would send 20 minutes daily on this, the mass thoughts of all of us would begin to start the healing. You can do this at any time. You do not have to be in deep routine for just a few minutes at a time, sending messages. You may do this, for example, in the shower, driving cars, anywhere you do not have to be actively focusing on your daily activities at that given moment. The more you do this, the sooner you will begin to experience healing as a nation and as a world.