Black holes consist of the remains of a very massive star

One star much larger than our own sun, for example, that’s suffered complete gravitational collapse after the death of its nuclear fires. Such an object is very small and unimaginably dense; within it, time and space are interchangeable. It’s also quite invisible, because its surface gravity is so enormous that not even light can escape from it. The possibility of light radiation from the “even horizon” of the black hole. So far just two black holes have been tentatively located, although many of them are believed to exist.



Since the matter surrounding a black hole would also be drawn into it, some astrophysicists have suggested that this might emerge into another universe through its opposite–a white hole– where it would be seen as an extremely brilliant quasar, or quasi-stellar radio source. So there would be an exchange of matter-energy between universes or realities.


Interestingly enough, several very distant quasars have been linked to certain observed faster-than-light effects, thus contradicting current physical theory that nothing can exceed the speed of light. For science this is a very uncomfortable situation that has yet to be resolved. But I’m sure that in scientific terms, there are many discoveries to be made in this area. The faster-than-light effects may be the results of observations that are simply not understood in some as-yet-unexplained way.


Earth experience as a White hole? What kind of a structured universe could explain both the inner and exterior worlds? If we consider the universe as a white hole–our exterior universe of sense–we at least have a theoretical framework that reconciles our inner and outer activity, our physical and spiritual or psychic experience; and the apparent dilemma between a simultaneous present in which all events happen at once, and our daily experience in which we seem to progress through time from birth to death.


A black hole is a white hole turned inside out. The holes, therefore, or coordination points [points of double reality, or where realities merge], are actually great accelerators that re-energize energy itself.


Conscious “Units” can operate as minute but very powerful black holes and white holes.


For various reasons (having to do with gravitational waves, mass, etcetera) many galaxies, including our own, could have been formed out of matter accumulating around black holes at their centers.

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