Back through the historical past. All counterparts alive as temporaries…

…form, together, a musical composition in what we think of as a present; and once the multidimensional song is struck then its past ripples out behind it, so to speak, and its future sings “ahead.” But the song is being ¬†created from its beginning and its end simultaneously. In this case, however, it is as if each note has its own consciousness and is free to change its portion of the melody. Yet all are in the same overall composition, in “time,” so the time itself serves as the scale in which the[musical] number is written–chosen as a matter of organization, focus and framework.

In music the pauses are as important as the sounds. In fact, they serve to highlight the sounds, to frame them. The sounds are significant because of their placement within the pauses or silences. So the portions of our psyche that we recognize as oneself are significant and intimate and real, because of the inner pauses or silences that are not actualized, but are a part of our greater being.


Now imagine a composition in which the pauses and the silences that we do not hear are sounded –and the notes that we hear are instead the unheard inner structure. There is an intuitive “definition” of probable and reincarantional selves, and counterparts, in relationship to the self that we know. We can change our own pacing, and add variations, or even begin an entirely new composition if we choose to. many people have done this in very simple, mundane ways by suddenly deciding to use abilities they had earlier ignored. a man of letters, for instance, at the age of 40 suddenly remembers his old love of carpentry, reads do-it-yourself manuals, and begins his own home repairs. After disdaining such relationship with earth and its goods, and this appreciation adds to words that before may have been as dry as ash.


In that case, there would be in another reality a carpenter of his equivalent with a latent love of words, unexpressed–and that individual would then begin to develop; reading books on how to write, perhaps, and taking up a hobby that would allow him to express in words his love of the land and its goods. The creativity of the psyche means that no one world or experience could contain it. There fore does it create the dimensions in which it then has its experiences.

Each portion, by what ever name contains within it the latent potentials of the whole. If the unknown reality exists, it is because we play one melody over and over and so identify oneself, while closing out, consciously at least, all of the other possible variations that we could add to that time.



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