All love is not Sexually oriented

Yet love naturally seeks expression, and one such expression is through sexual activities.

Although sexual activity is just one of the many different ways that humans can express love, it is usually one of the most popular.

After all, it is, in fact, our natural fascination with human sexuality that makes adult websites such as PornHub so beloved. As well as our willingness to explore our sexuality with each other through our sexual activity with the use of sex toys and other items that you can find at stores similar to “Adult Book Shops”.


When love and sexuality are artificially divided, however, or considered as antagonistic to each other, then all kinds of problems arise. Permanent relationships become most difficult to achieve under such conditions, and often love finds little expression, while one of its most natural channels is closed off. Many children give their greatest expression of love to toys, dolls, or imaginary playmates, because so many stereotyped patterns have already limited other expressions. Their feelings toward parents become ambiguous as a result of the identification procedures thrust upon them. Love, sexuality, and play, curiously and explorative characteristics, merge in the child in a natural manner. Yet it soon learns that areas of exploration are limited even as far as its own body is concerned. The child is not free to contemplate its own parts. The body is early forbidden territory, so that he child feels it is wrong to love itself in any fashion.


Ideas of love, then, become highly distorted, and its expression also. We do not fight wars for the sake of the brotherhood of man, for example. People who are acquainted with undistorted versions of love in their relationships would find such a concept impossible. Men brought up to be ashamed of the “feminine” sides of their nature cannot be expected to love women. They will see in women instead the despised, feared, and yet charged aspects of their own reality, and behave accordingly in their relationships.


Women taught to be frightened of the “masculine” sides of their nature cannot be expected to love men, either, and the same kind of behavior results.


The so-called war of the sexes originates in the artificial divisions that we have placed about the nature of the self. The psyche’s reality is beyond such misunderstandings. Its native language usually escapes us. It is closely connected with what can be loosely called the language of love.

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