Fact is that beings from other planes have appeared among us, sometimes on purpose and sometimes completely by accident. As in some cases humans have quite accidentally blundered through the apparent curtain between our present and our past, so have beings blundered into the apparent division between one plane and another. Usually when they have done so they were invisible on our plane, as the few of us who fell into the past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of the past.


This sort of experience involves a sudden psychic awareness, straight from the entity, that all boundaries are for practical purposes only. However, there are indeed many kinds of science. There are a number of sciences dealing just with locomotion. Had the human species gone into certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored technological disciplines, its practical transportation system would be vastly different, and yet by this time even more practical than it is now. When I speak of science on another plane I may not speak of the plain old science that we know.


When sciences progress on various planes, then visitations become less accidental and more planned. Once the inhabitants of a plane have learned mental-science patterns, then they are to a great degree freed from the more regular camouflage [physical] patterns. This applies to “higher” planes than ours, generally speaking.


Many of the flying saucer appearances come from [such] a plane, [one] that is much more advanced in technological sciences than earth at this time. However, this is still not a mental-science plane. Therefore the camouflage paraphernalia appears, more or less visible, to our own astonishment. Now, so strong is this tendency for vitality to change from one apparent form to another, that what we have in our flying object is something that is actually, as we view it, not of our plane or of [whatever] plane of its origin. The atoms and molecules that structurally compose the UFO, and which are themselves formed by vitality, are more or less aligned according to the pattern of its own territory. Now as the craft enters our plane a distortion occurs. Its actual structure is caught in a dilemma of form, between transforming itself completely into earth’s particular camouflage pattern and retaining its original pattern. The earthly viewer attempts to correlate what he sees with what he supposedly knows or imagines possible in the universe.


What he/she sees is something between a horse and a dog, that resembles neither. The flying saucer retains what it can of its original structure and changes what it must. This accounts for many of the conflicting reports as to shape size, and color. The few times the craft shoots off at right angles, it has managed to retain functions ordinary to it in its particular habitat.


I don’t believe we have had any saucer landings for quite awhile, not physical landings in the usual sense of the word. These vehicles cannot stay on our plane for any length of time at all. The pressures that push against the saucer itself are tremendous. The struggle to be one thing or another is very great on any plane. To conform to the laws of a particular plane is a practical necessity, and at this time the flying saucer craft simply cannot afford to say betwixt and between for any indefinite period.


What they do is take quick glimpses of our plane–and hold in mind that the saucer or cigar shape [often] seen on our plane is a bastard form having little relation to the structure as it is at home base.


There are many things we do not know, like the inhabitants lives. And many things that can’t be explained to us, simply because they would be too alien now for our regular mode of thought.


One note along these lines. A plane–using our terms–is not necessarily a planet. A plane may be one planet, but a plane may also exist where no planet is. One planet may have several planes. Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent time–this particular matter being too difficult to go into right now.


Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular planes involved. I want to get away from the idea of a plane being a place. It may be in some cases but is not always. A plane may be a time. A plane, believe it or not, may be only one iota of vitality that seems to exist by itself. A plane is something apparently divided from the rest of the universe for a time and for a reason. A plane may cease to be. A plane may spring up where there was none. A plane is formed for entities as patterns for fulfillment on various levels. A plane is a climate conducive to the development of unique and particular capacities and achievements. A plane is an isolation of elements where each one is given the most possible space in which to function.


Planets have been used as planes and used again as other planes. A plane is not a cosmic location. It is oftentimes practical that entities or their various personalities visit one plane before another. This does not necessarily mean that one plane must be visited before another. A certain succession is merely more useful for the entity as a whole.


In other terms, we could say that an entity visits all planes simultaneously, as it is possible for us to visit a certain state, country, and city at one time. We might also visit the states of sorrow and joy almost simultaneously, and experience both emotions in heightened form because of the almost immediate contrast between them.


In fact, the analogy of a plane with an emotional state is much more valid than that between a plane and a geographical state–particularly since emotional states take up no room.


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