Imagine a multi-dimensional Ferris wheel, each separated section being an Aspect self.

As our ‘seat’ approaches the ground level, we’re the Aspect who intersects with the space-time continuum, and life starts. But his Ferris wheel moves in every possible direction, and its spokes are ever-moving waves of energy, connecting the Aspects with the center source. Each other position intersect with a different kind of reality in which it is, in turn, immersed.


How much of our species’ distorted, intuitive knowledge of probable realities may appear as myth and oddity in our camouflage universe? I’m thinking about androgyny, of course, which is the concept of both male and female in one, and/or of hermaphroditism, wherein a person or animal possesses the sexual organs of both the male and the female.


Glimpses into numerous instances in which blended masculine and feminine qualities are contained in the gods of our very ancient myths. The same principles of androgyny can be found in much of the literature of our own century. Whether scientific or not, myths may contain the deepest truths of all for our psecies, at least in conventional terms, the sources of those verities cold spring partly from other realities.


The present if the point of power. From it we proceed to show who we are–what ever our individual belief systems may be–stem from the brilliant focus of our physical, mental, and spiritual abilities in “present” experience.

Reason and emotion are natural counterparts.

There is a kind of coincidence with all of the present points of power that exist between us and our “reincarnational” selves. There are even biological connections in terms of cellular “memory.”


Those selves are different counterparts of oneself in creaturehood, experiencing bodily reality; but at the same time our organism itself shuts out the simultaneous nature of experience.


Quite literally, the inner” self forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts.


Now whatever we think emotionally of another person, we send out a counterpart of oneself, beneath the intensity of matter, but a definite form.


The so-called laws of our camouflage physical universe do not apply to the inner universe. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage universe. Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted in various camouflage realities.




Nothing exists outside the psyche, however, that does not exist within it.

And there is no unknown world that does not have its psychological or psychic counterpart. To some extent or another, there are counterparts of all realities within our psyche.


It is quite possible, for example, for several selves to occupy a body, and were this the norm it would be easily accepted. That implies another kind of multipersonhood, however, one actually allowing for the fulfillment of many abilities of various natures usually left unexpressed. It also implies a freedom and organization of consciousness that is unusual in our system of reality, and was not chosen there.


In some systems of physical existence, a multipersonhood is established, in which three or four “persons” emerge from the same inner self, each one utilizing to the best of its abilities those characteristic of its own. This presupposes a gestalt of awareness, however, in which each knows of the activities of the others, and participates; and we have a different version of mass consciousness.


In the systems in which evolution of consciousness has worked in that fashion, all faculties of body, and mind in one “lifetime” are beautifully utilized. Nor is there any ambiguity about identity. The individual would say, for example, “I am Joe, and Jane, and Jim. and Bob.” There are physical variations of a sexual nature, so that on all levels identity includes the male and female. Shadows of all such probabilities appear within our own system, as oddities. Anything apparent to whatever degree in our system is developed in another.


One tiny, wicked hint! Each of us has a birthday that we recognize–one birth-date– but there are hidden variables, that do not apply in charts because we have not thought of them.


In our terms only, these other counterparts are like latent patterns within our mind. Echoes. How many of us have actually thought of what the unconscious may be? Or, hear voices that we hear within our mind or heart? Are they ours? To what counterparts do they belong? And yet each of us, in our own identity, has the right to do precisely as we wish, and to form our own reality.


Each of us will create the attributes of reality that interest us and work with them in our own way. if we want to study the nature of religion and do a good job of it, then we must be among other things a skeptic and a believer, and an Indian and a Jew, say. Otherwise we will not understand anything at all, and have a very lopsided picture. And we cannot know what it is like to be  black in this culture, unless we are also white in it.


Some physical counterparts can hate each other. The larger self, would be quite capable of seeking experience through its parts in every way imaginable. Although it might be difficult for us to understand, let alone accept, the whole self or entity must regard all of its counterparts as sublime facets of itself– no matter whether they loved, suffered, hated, or killed each other or “outsiders.” Within its great reaches it would transform its counterparts actions in ways that were, quite possibly, beyond our emotional and intellectual grasp. At the same time, the self would learn and be changed through the challenges and struggles of its human portions.


The behavior among nations might be changed for the better if the idea of counterparts were understood, or at least considered–if, for instance, many of the individuals making up a country realized that they could actually be acting against portions of themselves [or of their whole selves] in the persons of the “enemy” country, and so modified the virulence of their feelings. The nations of the world would benefit greatly from even a small improvement in their relationships with each other. And if an individual strongly disliked a counterpart in another land, wouldn’t this quality of emotion be detrimentally reflected in the person doing the hating?

Lives are Simultaneous.

We can live more than one life at a time–in our terms now–but that is  loaded sentence. we are neurologically tuned in to one particular field of actuality that we recognize. In our terms and from our viewpoint only, messages from other existences live within us as ghost images with the cells, for the cells recognize more than we do on a conscious level. That is, for a brief time we might be able to perceive a portion of another existence.


We could not be consciously aware of those other realities all of the time, and deal with the world that we know. We have several time and space tracks in operation at once, then, but we acknowledge only certain neurological messages physically. Yet there is more to the body than we perceive of it, and this is difficult to explain. If we can think of a multidimensional body existing at one time in various realities, and appearing differently within each one while still being whole, then we can get some glimpse of what is involved.


Being able to handle another reality while still being involved on this one. neurologically, we cross messages. we are aware of ghost images that we usually do not recognize,and those were translated into ghost sense data.


“Ghost images” are the result of the neurological changeover, and they are our particular symbol that this is occurring. Others will have symbols of their own.


Such pictures are there for any of us who want to view them. when we are ready to see them, we will. Many of us are not ready to meet those kinds of data, for a certain kind of finesse is required–a balance that we are learning. And each of us knows intuitively when we are open to such encounters.


There are, of course, future memories as well as past ones. When we think of reincarnation, we do so in terms of past lives. we are afraid to consider future lives because then we have to face the death that must be net first, in our terms. And so we never think of future selves, or how we might benefit from knowing them.


Our world exists in different terms than those we recognize, and reincarnation is indeed a myth and a story that stands for something else entirely.


Each of us takes part in our world–and in our time as we understand it, and in our terms, all the creatures of the earth participate in the century. we work out creative challenges and possibilities. We are born into different races, into different cultures, with different–but the same–desire. There are many things that we are learning.



Fact is that beings from other planes have appeared among us, sometimes on purpose and sometimes completely by accident. As in some cases humans have quite accidentally blundered through the apparent curtain between our present and our past, so have beings blundered into the apparent division between one plane and another. Usually when they have done so they were invisible on our plane, as the few of us who fell into the past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of the past.


This sort of experience involves a sudden psychic awareness, straight from the entity, that all boundaries are for practical purposes only. However, there are indeed many kinds of science. there are a number of sciences dealing just with locomotion. Had the human species gone into certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored technological disciplines, its practical transportation system would be vastly different, and yet by this time even more practical than it is now. When i speak of science on another plane I may not speak of the plain old science that we know.


When sciences progress on various planes, then visitations become less accidental and more planned. Once the inhabitants of a plane have learned mental-science patterns, then they are to a great degree freed from the more regular camouflage [physical] patterns. this applies to”higher” planes than ours, generally speaking.


Many of the flying saucer appearances come from [such] a plane, [one] that is much more advanced in technological sciences than earth at this time. However, this is still not a mental-science plane. Therefore the camouflage paraphernalia appears, more or less visible, to our own astonishment.Now, so strong is this tendency for vitality to change from one apparent form to another, that what we have in our flying object is something that is actually, as we view it, not of our plane or of [whatever] plane of its origin. The atoms and molecules that structurally compose the UFO, and which are themselves formed by vitality, are more or less aligned according to the pattern of its own territory. Now as the craft enters our plane a distortion occurs. Its actual structure is caught in a dilemma of form, between transforming itself completely into earth’s particular camouflage pattern and retaining its original pattern. The earthly viewer attempts to correlate what he sees with what he supposedly knows or imagines possible in the universe.


What he sees is something between a horse and a dog, that resembles neither. The flying saucer retains what it can of its original structure and changes what it must. This accounts for many of the conflicting reports as to shape size, and color. The few times the craft shoots off at right angles, it has managed to retain functions ordinary to it in its particular habitat.


I don’t believe we have had any saucer landings  for quite awhile, not physical landings in the usual sense of the word. These vehicles cannot stay on our plane for any length of time at all. The pressures that push against the saucer itself are tremendous. The struggle to be one thing or another is very great on any plane. To conform to the laws of a particular plane is a practical necessity, and at this time the flying saucer craft simply cannot afford to say betwixt and between for any indefinite period.


What they do is take quick glimpses of our plane–and hold in mind that the saucer or cigar shape [often] seen on our plane is a bastard form having little relation to the structure as it is at home base.


There are many things we do not know, like the inhabitants lives. And many things that can’t be explained to us, simply because they would be too alien now for our regular mode of thought.


One note along these lines. A plane–using our terms–is not necessarily a planet. A plane may be one planet, but a plane may also exist where no planet is. One planet may have several planes. Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent time–this particular matter being too difficult to go into right now.


Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular planes involved. I want to get away from the idea of a plane being a place. It may be in some cases but is not always. A plane may be a time. A plane, believe it or not, may be only one iota of vitality that seems to exist by itself. A plane is something apparently divided from the rest of the universe for a time and for a reason. A plane may cease to be. A plane may spring up where there was none. A plane is formed for entities as patterns for fulfillment on various levels. a plane is a climate conducive to the development of unique and particular capacities and achievements. A plane is an isolation of elements where each one is given the most possible space in which to function.


Planets have been used as planes and used again as other planes. A plane is not a cosmic location. It is oftentimes practical that entities or their various personalities visit one plane before another. This does not necessarily mean that one plane must be visited before another. A certain succession is merely more useful for the entity as a whole.


In other terms, we could say that an entity visits all planes simultaneously, as it is possible for us to visit a certain state, country, and city at one time. We might also visit the states of sorrow and joy almost simultaneously, and experience both emotions in heightened form because of the almost immediate contrast between them.


In fact, the analogy of a plane with an emotional state is much more valid than that between a plane and a geographical state–particularly since emotional states take up no room.


Black holes consist of the remains of a very massive star.

One star much larger than our own sun, for example, that’s suffered complete gravitational collapse after the death of its nuclear fires. Such an object is very small and unimaginably dense; within it, time and space are interchangeable. It’s also quite invisible, because its surface gravity is so enormous that not even light can escape from it. The possibility of light radiation from the “even horizon” of the black hole. So far just two black holes have been tentatively located, although many of them are believed to exist.



Since the matter surrounding a black hole would also be drawn into it, some astrophysicists have suggested that this might emerge into another universe through its opposite–a white hole– where it would be seen as an extremely brilliant quasar, or quasi-stellar radio source. So there would be an exchange of matter-energy between universes or realities.


Interestingly enough, several very distant quasars have been linked to certain observed faster-than-light effects, thus contradicting current physical theory that nothing can exceed the speed of light. For science this is a very uncomfortable situation that has yet to be resolved. But I’m sure that in scientific terms, there are many discoveries to be made in this area. The faster-than-light effects may be the results of observations that are simply not understood in some as-yet-unexplained way.


Earth experience as a White hole? What kind of a structured universe could explain both the inner and exterior worlds? If we consider the universe as a white hole–our exterior universe of sense–we at least have a theoretical framework that reconciles our inner and outer activity, our physical and spiritual or psychic experience; and the apparent dilemma between a simultaneous present in which all events happen at once, and our daily experience in which we seem to progress through time from birth to death.


A black hole is a white hole turned inside out. The holes, therefore, or coordination points [points of double reality, or where realities merge], are actually great accelerators that re-energize energy itself.


Conscious “Units” can operate as minute but very powerful black holes and white holes.


For various reasons (having to do with gravitational waves, mass, etcetera) many galaxies, including our own, could have been formed out of matter accumulating around black holes at their centers.

Color: Chromethesia or color hearing.

Within our system colors may be perceived as sound (chromesthesia, or’color hearing’). Their connections with human moods are only too apparent.Sound alone, entering the body, instantaneously changes it. Any perception instantly changes the perceiver. It also changes the thing perceived.


Many people undergo some form of chromesthesia–that is, certain colors or color patterns are seen upon hearing certain sounds.


A fantastic sound that’s imprisoned in a crystal, that speaks through light, that’s the essence of personality.An almost jewel-like colored sounds.

Sound, and various symbolic attributes of that phenomenon, are uniting factors.

Not only slow and fast sounds, but inner, audible and inaudible manifestations or translations of sound.


My recent vision I’d had, involving a ladder-like series of heads opening and closing their silent mouths. Felt sound.


Basically, the physical body has the potential for perceiving stimuli on a generalized basis. By this I mean that although the eyes are for seeing, the ears for hearing, and so forth, the potentials of the physical body include the capacity to hear, for example, though any given portion of the bodily expanse. Sound, then, can be felt as well as heard, although in such cases we may say that the sound is heard in the depths of the tissues; this, however, being an analogy. Feeling sound, merely experienced from a different perspective.

Tachyons, are supposed faster-than -light particles that are thought to be possible within Einstein’s special theory of relativity

In out-of-the-body states, consciousness can travel faster than light–often, in fact, instantaneously. Conscious “Units” moving faster than light. Super-speed entities. Some of these in our terms share the same space as our own universe. We simply would not perceive such particles as mass. And: there are many ranges and great varieties of such units, all existing beyond our perceivable reach.


Ordinarily we think of mass as meaning the bulk and or/weight of an object. In classical physics the amount of matter in a given object is measured according to its relation to inertia, which in turn is the tendency of mater to keep moving in the same direction, if moving, or to stay at rest if at rest. An object’s mass is arrived at through dividing its weight by the acceleration caused by gravity.


In his special theory of relativity, however, Albert Einstein showed that mass is a highly concentrated form of energy. Any object contains energy “on deposit” in its mass, then. The masses of colliding subatomic “particles,” for instance, can be transferred into both energy and new particles.


In the physics of elementary particles, time reversal, or symmetry, is a basic concept. Conscious “Units”, can move forward or backward in time. But they can also , move into thresholds of time with which we are not familiar. The relationship involving electron spin and the direction, or flow, of time.