Pretend that we are some weird creature with two faces.

One face looks out upon one world and one looks upon another. Imagine further, this poor creature having a brain to go with each face, and that each brain interprets reality in terms of the world it looks upon. Yet the worlds are different, and more, the creatures are Siamese twins.


At the same time imagine that these creatures are really one creature, but with definite parts equipped to handle two entirely different worlds. The subconscious, therefore, in this ludicrous analogy, would exist between the two brains, and would enable the creature to operate as a single unit.


At the same time–and this is the difficult part to explain–neither of the two faces would ever see the world. They would not [usually] be aware of each other, and yet each would be fully self-conscious.

Condensed time is the time felt or experienced by the entity, while any of its given personalities ‘live’.

On a plane of physical materialization. To go into this a bit further, many men have said that life was a dream. they were true to the facts in one strong regard, and yet far afield as far aas the main issue is concerned.


Individual life, or the life of the present individual, could be legitimately compared to the dream of an entity. While the individual suffers and enjoys his [or her] given number of years in the same manner that we concerned with our own dreams. And as our dreams originate with us, arise from us, attain a seeming independence and have their ending with us, so an entity’s personalities arise from it, attain various degrees of independence, and return to it while never leaving it for an instant.


The entity organizes its personalities and to some extent directs their activities while still allowing them what we would call free will.. There exist infinities of diversity and opportunity for the personalities.


The entity itself does not have to keep constant check on its personalities, because in each one there is an inner self-conscious part that knows its origin. some part of us knows exactly how much oxygen the lunges breathe, and how ,much energy it takes to pace a floor, and this is the part of us.It is the self-conscious part that receives all inner data.


The part that translates inner data sifts it down through the subconscious, which is a barrier and also a threshold to the present camouflage personality.The topmost part of the subconscious contains personal memories, that beneath these are racial memories, and so forth. Things are simply not layered in the way we think of them, but continuing with the necessary analogy, on the other side of (or beneath, to us) the racial memories, we no longer exist within our plane; we look out upon another with that face of this other self-conscious part of us. This part receives inner data, is in contact with the entity to some greater degree than we are in contact with our dreams, and actually directs all of the important functions that we think are either automatically or unconsciously controlled.


When such abilities as telepathy occur, this telepathic function is carried on continually by this other self-conscious part of us; but as a rule we act upon those data without the knowledge of the conscious self with which we are familiar.




The excitement [of living] must come from each of us.

We come here to know ourselves, and that should always be our purpose. We are the people we search for. The dimensions of our reality are the important points.


In certain terms, and in certain terms only, and speaking now as the psychological bridge personality, then what we perceive is a portion of the human mind, as we understand it, goes beyond the threshold of itself into other dimensions of actuality; then, as best it can, it translates what it learns, sees, and experiences. It goes out of itself– it launches itself on paths that it does not understand, taking journeys. One portion of each human personality is that free.

It is important in terms of our own understanding of ourselves and the nature of time.


Triggers are needed to initiate emergence into other worlds through the personality.The practical impetus of our need at the time, operates as the final emotional trigger–then we recall the circumstances.


Each physical person operates as a particleized being, and particularly in terms of a wave. But identity, being itself inviolate, is on the other hand everchanging–and there is, in the larger framework of reality, no contradiction.

We are all portions of an event that is taking place within the universe.

The universe is acquainted with all of its parts. When one part  of the universe speaks, then all of its [arts speak. When one portion of the universe dies, all portions die– but in our terms, to get into the kind of life we know , we must exit from space and time so that we can re-enter it.


We call the conscious self the “focus personality,” since it’s focused in this physical [camouflage] reality. The focus personality is composed  of aspects of the “source self” [or entity]. Each aspect exists independently, in its own dimension of actuality, but the aspects’ combined attributes form basic components of the selves that we know. ‘Personagram”–an actual personality formed in the psyche at the intersection point of the focus personality with another aspect.

Multidimensional communications more is involved than we suppose.

Information must be sifted through the payers of the medium’s personality. Any perception instantly alters the electromagnetic and neurological systems of the perceiver. it is a logistic contradiction to imagine, with our physical systems, that any perception can be trying to make it as clear as possible: Information automatically blends with, is intermingled with, and enmeshed with, the entire physical valid structure of the personality.


Any perception is action; it changes that upon which it acts, and in so doing it is itself changed. The slightest perception alters every atom within our body. This in turn, sends out its ripples, so that as we know, the most minute action is felt everywhere.

Personalities are not static things, Entities are eternal.

They are not as nicely nor as neatly packaged out, one to a body, as our psychologists believe. They constantly change. They grow. They make decisions. they use the physical body fully, or they partially depart according to their own inner needs and development.


When psychic gestalts are formed they are not static. They make different alliances until they find their place in a whole identity that severs their purposes, or are song enough to become indestructible. They are always becoming. they are not closed units


To be left-or right -handed has to do with inner mechanisms and brain patterns that come first, before the motions of the hands. Characteristically I operated in certain manners that resulted in the primary use of either hand.


The ego is not the most powerful or the most knowledgeable portion of the self. It is simply a well-specialize part of the personality, fully equipped to operate under certain circumstances. When those conditions no longer exist [after “death”], then other layers of the self take over the dominant position, and the personality realigns its psychological components. The ego does not disappear, however; it merely takes a back seat in some respects, as our own subconscious does during physical existence. The ego is under the control of what may loosely be called “the inner self.” The survival or nonphysical personality has somewhat the same relationship to the ego as the dreaming personality has to it in physical life.


When communication takes place between a survival personality and one who exists within the physical system, this involves a reshuffling on the part of the survival personality, where the ego is momentarily given greater reign. If this was not done, then in most cases communication would not be possible, just because the survival personality would have such difficulty impressing the personality who was still ego-oriented within the physical system.


The nonphysical personality does not think of words, but experiences concepts in a much more direct manner. This sort of thing simply could not be understood by the physically focused individual. The survival personality’s inner self gives this reassembled ego ideas in the same way that, often, the subconscious gives the ego concepts in physical existence. This reassembled ego then attempts to perceive these insights in terms of sense perceptions, which are sent to the physical individual at the other end. Sometimes the communications are made directly, though they must be sifted through the subconscious of the one who is physical. when that person is trained along these lines, he or she helps in this process, and psychological framework, like a bridge, is erected that serves to connect the two personalities.

Off-shoots of the same entity.

The difference in time is but a camouflage distortion. This entity was a particularly strong one, and many of its egos have made the decision to turn into entities.


When man realizes that he creates his own image now, he will not find it so startling to believe that he creates other images in other times. Only after such a basis [is established] will the idea of reincarnation achieve its natural validity, and only when it is understood that the subconscious, certain layers of it, is a link between the present personality and past ones, will the theory of reincarnation be accepted as fact.


Man sees not even half of the whole entity which is himself. It is true that on this journey, discipline, some caution and understanding, and much courage, is demanded. This as it should be. With a combination of intuitiveness, basic psychic facility, and yet integrated inner identities.

We can permit two personalities to exist side by side, so to speak. To coexist within oneself.


A deeper trance state would allow us to get less distorted information on such a test as this, initially, but results will improve, and such experiments will be helpful in that the various layers of the two personalities, will be seen in their operating procedures.

Learn very quickly through practice. The distortions that appeared are most helpful, in that they allow differentiate between our own communications and one’s own thoughts.


In the future, tests will be worked out in whatever manner is needed.

Operate clairvoyantly. We usually obtain information in this manner. The ways in which that kind of material is received and interpreted, as this is very important.