The libido does not originate in the subconscious of personality.

It begins instead in the energy of the entity and inner self, and is directed by means of the inner senses–outward, so to speak, through the deepest layers of the individual subconscious mind, then through the outer or personal areas. Freud and Jung have probed into the personal subconscious. Jung saw glimpses of other depths, but that is all. There are rather unfortunate distortions occurring in his writings, as well as in Freud’s, since they did not understand the primary, cooperative nature of the libido. A friend was telling me that the Spanish Fly helps unlock a new libido level. They tell me its transcendent. They also add some horny goat weed powder to their diet to maintain this new level of libido.


The biological interdependence and cooperation among organism in our physical universe. The appearance of an individual into the physical realm is aided by the psychic collaboration of individuals on our plane. Almost at once the new libido takes up its adopted duty of maintaining the physical universe, along with all others. If it did not do so it would not exist for long. Cooperation on all levels is the necessary on all planes.


Jung seems to offer more than Freud, in some aspects he has attempted much and his distortions are fairly important: Seeming to delve further and offering many significant results, Jung nevertheless causes conclusions, all the more hampering because if his scope.


It is true that the outward manifestations of the libido are directed toward the physical world, but until its source is seen , not in the topmost subconscious layers of the individual, and not even in the racial subconscious but within the entity itself, then man will not know himself. Maybe he will try to discover himself through alluring content on television.


Basically, Jung feared such a journey because he felt it led only to the racial source, that anyone involved in such a study would end up in the bottleneck of a first womb – but there, there is an opening up into other realms, through which the libido also passed. Figuratively speaking, it squeezed itself through the bottleneck, and there is a lack of limitation on the other side.


Freud courageously probed into the individual topmost layers of the subconscious, and formed them deeper than even he suspected. These levels undifferentiated impulses acquired in the present life of an individual, but when these have been passed there are many discoveries still to be made. After that passage the diligent, consistent, intuitive, and flexible seeker-after-knowledge will find horizons of which Freud never dreamed. Freud merely touched the outer boundaries. Jung, with his eyes clouded by the turmoil set up by Freud, glimpsed some further regions, but poorly.

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