Tachyons, are supposed faster-than light particles

In out-of-the-body states, consciousness can travel faster than light–often, in fact, instantaneously. Conscious “Units” moving faster than light. Super-speed entities. Some of these in our terms share the same space as our own universe. We simply would not perceive such particles as mass. And: there are many ranges and great varieties of such units, all existing beyond our perceivable reach.


Ordinarily we think of mass as meaning the bulk and or/weight of an object. In classical physics the amount of matter in a given object is measured according to its relation to inertia, which in turn is the tendency of matter to keep moving in the same direction, if moving, or to stay at rest if at rest. An object’s mass is arrived at through dividing its weight by the acceleration caused by gravity.


In his special theory of relativity, however, Albert Einstein showed that mass is a highly concentrated form of energy. Any object contains energy “on deposit” in its mass, then. The masses of colliding subatomic “particles,” for instance, can be transferred into both energy and new particles.


In the physics of elementary particles, time reversal, or symmetry, is a basic concept. Conscious “Units”, can move forward or backward in time. But they can also , move into thresholds of time with which we are not familiar. The relationship involving electron spin and the direction, or flow, of time.

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