Historical and cultural appears to be the only one objective world

With its history already written, its present, and hopefully its probable future.

It seems also that the future must be built upon that one known species or world past. Often it may simply sound like a figure of speech when we talk about probabilities. In many ways it may indeed appear to be almost outrageous to consider the possibility that “there is more than one earth,” or that there are many earths, each similar enough to be recognizable, yet each different in the most vital respects.


This house exists. yet we may open the door on any given day to a probable world from our immediate standpoint, and never know the difference. This happens all the time, and I mean all the time.

We move through probabilities without knowing it. The transitions are literally invisible to us, though they may appear as trace elements in our dreams. As a diamond has many facets, so does our reality in that regard.


Since our birth a probability has occurred that we could have followed, in which our wars did not happen. There is another probability in which the Second World War ended in nuclear destruction, and we did not enter one either. We chose “this” probable reality in order to ask certain questions about the nature of man or woman — seeing him or her where her or she wavered equally between creativity and destruction, knowledge and ignorance; but a point that contained potentials for the most auspicious kinds of development, in our eyes.

In a way, man and woman are trans-species at this point in probability. It is a time and a probability in which every bit of help is needed, and our talents, abilities, and prejudices made us both uniquely fitted for such a drama. At the same time, do not dwell too much upon that world situation, for a concentration upon our own nature and upon the physical nature of our world — the seasons, and so forth — allows us to refresh our own energy, and frees us to take advantage of that clear vision that is so necessary.


We each also became involved in this probability to use it as a creative stimulus that would make us seek for a certain kind of understanding. There is always a creative give-and-take between the individual and his world. To some extent or another each of those involved in this probability chose it for their own reasons. Saying this, however, I also say that many leave this probability for another when they have learned and contributed.


Sometimes we personally inhibit our dream recall because we do not want to take the time to remember and interpret the dreams. Knowing this, we may want to change ur ways.

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