Its a sort of super-relaxation; Almost profound, and mental and physical at once. A completely different thing than just yawing, even though I might be yawning.


The relaxation involves a curious sense of dropping down inwardly, of going slowly beneath the realities we usually recognize. It’s a smooth transition in which perception is slowed down top-wise, but deepened so that usually unperceived stimuli seem to rise from an underside of consciousness and bodily sensation. In that kid of relaxation the body itself perceives differently. Looking at a leaf while in that state, I easily feel myself as part of the leaf, and I think this is a biological as well as a psychic perception. At certain levels the body feels that way itself, although ordinarily we aren’t aware of it. Such relaxation, then is almost an extension of biological insight.


In conventional terms, atoms are regarded as the submicroscopic entities making up all objects and substances in our world. Each atom consists of a nucleus of protons, neutrons, and other subatomic particles, around all of which move a complicated system of much lighter electrons. (An atom of hydrogen, however, is made up of but one proton and one electron.) All is in balance: The number of positive charges on the nucleus equals the number of negatively charged electrons. Particle-wave duality involving the components of the atom.

Atoms combine to form molecules. If the assembled atoms are all alike, an element results; if two or more different kinds of atoms combine into molecules, a compound is created.

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