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The Personal Reality Field

We are the creator of our Personal Reality Field. As you read this blog, you are at once creating your physical body, including the eyes and brain that read the blog that you also create. All is created in the current moment by you, Dear Blog reader. And so we are all artists from the time we were born, working with the natural elements to create our multitudinous Reality Constructs, the building blocks of our Personal Realities.

Now this creation unfolds before us in a linear fashion. We create, as we have just discussed, a past and a future to “match” our current Moment Point – our spacious present. We are artists, but currently most of us are na├»ve artists, in that we create our works of art – our physical reality and all of its trappings – without much planning or thought. Thus, we perceive our reality, created unconsciously, as something separate. It appears as though we are at the mercy of our own environment, our world. The amnesia that I spoke of in earlier blogs helps to create this illusion of separation from our creative works.

Currently however, many of us are waking up to the true nature of our reality. We are questioning our personal beliefs and the mass beliefs of our societies. We are coming out of our amnesia and seeing the illusion of separation for what it is: a once useful fiction.

As our consciousness is being raised and we are offered a glimpse of our true reality, many of us will take up the challenge to live our lives more honestly and more responsibly. Knowing that we are not separate from our environment,(we have made it) or from other human beings, (we are one) we will begin to take actions that truly matter, rather than fritter away our time on the trivialities of egoic pursuits.


Time, a concept that is very important to those of us in physical reality, though not in the least important to Beings of Light. Humans make much of “time” as we perceive it. We believe that we are making perfect sense when we say to another, “I don’t have time to do what I need to do,” and we seldom see the inherent humor in such a statement, for we take our time so seriously. But I must assure once again of the TRUTH about time.

The truth is that there is no time but the moment – The Present Moment Point. All else – all of the emotion-laden memories of a particular past and the excitement or dread of a particular future – are fabrications of our imagination. We create the added elements of past and future to format our experiences into something comprehensible to our Third-Dimensional, physical senses.

Now this truth-telling regarding time has great utility for us. Knowing and ACCEPTING that there is no time but the current Moment Point – our Point of Power – can free us from any guilt or other negative emotions concerning events from our “past,” and also release us from the needless dread of so-called “future” events yet to come. This moment of truth in our current time-frame, while we are reading this blog, is all we have.

And it is from this Point of Power that we create not only our future, but also our past. I will ask at points throughout this series of blogs, to attempt to internalize this over-riding fact-of-life as a necessary basis for further study and experimentation.

Consciousness Units

Much has been spoken of CUs (conscious units) over the many years of blogging about this concept. Now, simply put, the CU is a model – a Sethian model – for the activity of Reality Creation at its most basic. We may speak of these elements as Awarized Energy subject to the control of human thought. These are basic units of creation we are discussing and we may summarize their activity in a few words: we create our reality out of Awarized Units of Energy – CUs – through our intent powered by our emotion.

Again, in other forums we may seek out more intellectualized descriptions. But, it all can be reduced to this previous simple statement. At its most basic, which is where we must be in these research activities, the CU is the leading edge in Reality Construction. This “edge” is that point in consciousness where we may place our intention and began to create consciously.

Co-creating consciously with All That IS “IS” the object of this research blog. Now if we require a more in-depth description, we may read the previous few lines again while we are in a relaxed state. It is possible we will intuit a deeper understanding of this concept.

There is much more to the printed word, in other words, than one can grasp in one reading. This work, as in other spiritual texts, can be taken to as deep a level as our Soul Evolution may permit. Words have power. The printed words in certain books have the power to spiritualize the reader and open them up to other dimensions. It has been thus.

This current blog has the potential to catalyze in the reader the awakening of the spirit. This is not an intellectual pursuit, however, and we will not find our awakening on the intellectual path. We may spend lifetimes intellectualizing and explaining away our lessons. Yet we may discover in a brief moment in time – in a fraction of a second – the personal meanings for us on the planet Earth at this time. This is my hope for you upon reading this blog.


I would like to briefly cover the subject of probabilities, restating what I have covered in earlier blogs, and adding to the material with some new ideas that I hope will Illuminate this current series of blogs. Indeed, this concept is at the heart of the broader concepts of manifestation and Reality Creation.

To review: in our Third-Dimensional system, our consciousness with All That Is creates multitudinous probable manifestations, of which those we choose to actualize become part of our Personal Reality, what we now call, the Personal Reality Field.

We experience these chosen probabilities as manifested physical Reality Constructs. However, the un-chosen probabilities continue on their trajectories of development. They each have their own separate evolutionary paths, in other words, and continue to grow and develop along their own lines, much in the same way that one experience leading to another, and so on. This is of course, greatly simplified for our understanding. I refer those of you who wish further information on this concept to my earlier blogs.

Now to add to this idea of probabilities for purposes of our current blog – that of accessing the Energy Personality, facilitating communication with it and then under its guidance journeying into an investigation of the Fourth Dimension – I will also be brief.

The probabilities for millions of humans – in the West in particular – to engage their individual Guides or Energy Personalities, are currently very high. Many of us are about to enter into the primary life lessons we came to our Earth in this current time-frame to learn.

These probabilities will remain latent unless acted upon. The purpose of this current blog work is to give you some guidelines as to how to accentuate the probabilities for your individual enlightenment scenarios.

Up to The Light

Some may wonder what the “The Light” might be. Let us discuss this topic for a moment as background information for those who may be new to this blog material. To begin, humans as born into the Third-Dimensional world with an amnesia. There are exceptions where the child retains the memories, but for the most part, the child is shielded from memories of the time in between lives, the time in the home dimension.

Now in the Home Dimension we are supported on a wave of unconditional love that streams from the energy source for all of creation – All That Is. When it comes time to begin the journey into physical form, the memories of this living state of consciousness are erased.

We incarnate into the physical human body to learn our lessons, and if we remember how perfectly loving and supportive the Home Dimension is, we might choose to cut the Earthly existence before the valuable lessons are learned.

The “light’ then, in our discussion, is partly the divine light of Higher Consciousness: the memories of love and support we experience when not in the physical body. Now light is information – knowledge.

We as a race are becoming more knowledgeable with respect to our spiritual or divine past, present and future. Divine information is being streamed into our Etheric Bodies via glands in our heads. We are waking up to our true state, our divine heritage as gods.

Now, this information may be somewhat “too much” for some of the blog readers of my older material to take seriously. I am reconnecting with you on the subtle levels and helping you to recognize the urgency of our current situation as a Soul.

It is my hope that we will be well-prepared for the coming transformation in human consciousness that has been heralded in these blog writings and many others in our country and around the Earth.

The Energy Personality essence can be many things, including both intellectual AND spiritual. In these writings, I will demonstrate to you for the sake of validity and to help you to relaxed into the material. Just as a teacher in one of our schools will present the material in different formats with a different emphasis according to the effects the teacher wishes to have on the student.

This is, again, divine information you are receiving from a Being of Light. If you have trouble with the words “divine” or “spiritual,” many have similar concerns. I urge the blog reader to explore the TRUE meanings of divine, of spiritual, or love and of confidence.

Scientists of Consciousness Methods

As we examine the physical world of The Third-Dimensional reality, we will borrow some practices from our scientific methods and alter them for our purposes. We will have experimentation, yet of a specific type.

The subject matter is our physical world perceived through our Inner Senses and our outer senses and our individual beliefs and ideas about what is and is not possible. The subtext here is concerned with our individual lessons: those experiences we were incarnated into our current existence in this time-frame to learn from and to add to the experience of All That Is.

So as we conduct our experiments, it will be as a way to throw light upon the meanings of our life currently. Why are we on the Earth now at this specific time? What are the broader meanings of our activities in this life? These are matters of Soul Evolution. The answers to these questions may come in the manner of divine information from our Higher Self.

Which brings us to a major point: as we proceed with our studies and experimentation, it would be wise for us to scrupulously document all of the outcomes of our activities. Now this may mean writing down in long-hand in a journal, or typing into our computer or speaking into a recorder. Whatever the medium, please document as soon after the activity as possible.

And as we add to the information regarding our Soul Issues – the meanings of life for us personally – we may notice changes in our beliefs about nature of our Personal Reality. And just as a scientist must alter the hypothesis when faced with findings that demand this, so too shall we, as a Scientist of Consciousness, of necessity alter our beliefs, ideas and images to the new information – divine information – we will discover as the products of our experiments.

We are on the path to our enlightenment, in other words, and we are approaching our awakening in an organized and disciplined manner

Scientists of Consciousness

Now in these explorations we shall approach our studies as Scientists of Consciousness. And we will certainly create new definitions for these new terms, for our current definitions are inappropriate for our use. Yet, we are comfortable with these terms. We use them often in our dialogues with one another.

Every day we hear of a new “scientific” study the proclaims to the world that something previously declared helpful to humans is now harmful, and so on and so on. This aspect of scientific research to come up with new information that refutes earlier information is simply the nature of the beast; that it is supposed to do.

Yet, when we find that our scientific community continues to reverse itself, well we might get suspicious as to what the scientists are truly saying in these pronouncements. I will elaborate on this point in future blogs when we speak of matters of control and submission.

As a Scientist of Consciousness we may look to the heart of the matter, and with our Inner Senses surmise what is the TRUE nature of the reality of our world. The Inner Senses, or what we will also refer to as intuition in these blog writings, are the only tools we will need.

Telescopes, microscopes, or any sort of electronic technologies, will not help in this endeavor. After all, these are merely aids to physical senses, and so are amplifiers of data once aids removed from the source. Why not go directly TO the source, and use those tools that are the unobstructed Inner Senses of mankind/womankind?

And so our definition might be: “Scientist of Consciousness – one who uses the Inner Senses to perceive and study physical and non – physical phenomena to obtain Divine Wisdom.” I think that will do nicely.

Having said this, I wholly understand that the “real” scientists who read these blog words will no doubt be upset. That is a good thing. The feelings of disquiet and rising anger are what precede the uncovering of genuine knowledge; when the ego is dispensed with and the Soul is allowed to shine through.

So this is a teaching on the nature of true science. Dear Blog Reader, I come to remind you of these critical facts, these distinctions, so that we may wake-up and enlighten oneself to our worsening dilemma.

Now I have described this dilemma in the past blogs and I refer the reader to that material if you wish more information. For this present series of blogs, however, we will focus on experimentation, and the creation of the means adequate to ANSWER our dilemma, and save ourselves from extinction.

The Energy Personality

The establishing of communication with the Energy Personality is the main focus of my next series of blogs. As Beings of Light we will Be Light and we will lighten up the blog reader as we do so.

This series concerns mainly two broad subjects: the Energy Personality and the Fourth Dimension or the Unity of Consciousness Dimension. Therefore it will be somewhat easy to ferry back and forth from one topic to the other, without having to explain myself to a great degree. I will often refer to my classic blogs that reside in, if you should prefer more illumination than I provide.

Now for those of you who are new to the material, I simply hope in this series of blogs to keep your interest long enough for you to try out the experiments on your own. As humans we learn by doing. This seems to be a hard and fast rule in our physical reality.

The subject matter of this series of blogs concerns our place in the non-physical reality. Another way to express this is that we will be discussing the evolution of the human Soul. This is critical information that we will need to take the next step in human development.

Currently we are at a culmination of countless years of evolution. The transition to the fourth Dimension is at hand. The mass consciousness has created a highly probable potential for humanity to shed the bonds of ego and allow the Soul Self of each of us to shine through.

As we can imagine, metaphors are clumsy substitutes for what is truly about to occur. In the words of our religious manuscripts, we might say that the people of Earth are about to be enlightened: brought into the light of higher Consciousness. Whatever the terminology we wish to use – and I do not mean to spite any spiritual path or religion by not including their terminology in this explanation – we are all, my beloved blog readers, in for a dramatic transformation that will alter us fundamentally. Indeed, it will transform us down to the core elements of which we are composed.

These blogs are many of techniques and experiments we may use to contact our Energy Personality and explore the Fourth Dimension. The message here and the message we will be attempting to convey to the blog readers in future blogs, is quite simple: we are awakening to our greater self in this lifetime. The recommendations we offer here are for our greater learning in the evolution of our Soul.

Now, in this moment, as you are reading this blog, you can begin your private journey by acknowledging that the words have meaning for you. Listen to the variety of responses that come from within when you do so. Feel the loving acceptance that supports you on this journey. Recognize the countless other beings who are accompanying you. Some of them have been with you since the inception of consciousness into your world. We are not alone. We have never been alone.

The experiments in these blogs are designed to give some familiarity with the Unity of Consciousness Dimension, so that we will not become disoriented when the shift occurs. The methods for conducting our experiments are given in as simple a way as possible. Everyone should be able to get beneficial results through consistency and a positive attitude. Instructions for creating a personalized Ritual of Sanctuary are provided, to secure your voyage through these unknown waters, and a return to our Third Dimension reality.

The Crumbling of Oppressive Organizations

The oppression of mankind and womankind is crumbling away piece by piece. Mankind/womankind will come to terms with its own soul and realize that he/she doesn’t have to be dominated or guilt-ravaged by the idea manipulations of others. The guilt-ridden ideas that have been injected into our belief system have essentially delayed the evolution of our soul. We saw a return or a resurgence of people going back to church after 9/11. Now we see the fall of the church because this was not the answer. The answer lies in our ability to open up our own self to our realities that we have created by us.

We cannot put the blame somewhere else when it lies in our own backyard. We cannot run to God and expect it to be fixed for us. We became scared. We were faced with our own perceived mortality and because of our beliefs it terrified us. Our thoughts, our ideas, our perceived realities create and did create our reality as we know it.

If we want the reality of our world to change we will have to start with oneself. An inner examination of self through meditation will help us start to change our reality. There are many of us out there awakening us. We are being awakened as to the true nature of our soul’s existence.

As I have said before and will say again, We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. We have thought of ourselves as a body with a little soul tucked away somewhere in the recesses of our mind to sometimes be brought put on Sundays when we go to church and then neatly tucked back away in the little box we have created, giving all credit to the body and the ego for our existence when in actuality that is not the case.

Our body again, is simply a vehicle for expression and communication. Without you-the-soul maneuvering it, it would be like a comatose person. It would function but there would not be any communication of life force mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It would just be a body, physically functioning, that is it.

The oppression stems from the knowledge that we inherently as a soul know and what has been systematically indoctrinated into our thought process. We are in a constant struggle from what we know to be true and what others, the ones in power, the manipulators, want us to believe. We cannot fool ourselves.

Even though we try to rationalize our reality, you-the-soul knows the different. It only causes more oppression because we have two perceived realities fighting for the right to be heard and expressed: the true reality of the soul and the reality of the ego-self. As we move away from the systematic indoctrination of fear and guilt-ridden religious ideas and put the ego in its place, the oppression will subside.

I am not putting down our churches, however the information that they give us has not seemed to help. It has only hindered our very soul’s evolution. If we are constantly feeling guilty or bad about the existence of our self, how can we possibly move further ahead towards the light of we do not feel worthy of that light. This is where the oppression comes in.

As we know, most churches have strict rules about our behaviors and experiences that our soul is allowed to have. I am not advocating running out and perpetrating crimes against humanity because all of a sudden you feel you have the right to, because you do not and will certainly be in violation of Universal Law.

I am saying examine our beliefs, look at the information that is being given to us. Does it allow us to move closer to the light of The Creator, or does it further repress our soul into a guilt-ridden fear? That reality that is created for us, that fear-based reality, is what we have accepted as the norm.

As we awaken, we will understand that fear is at the root of most of our problems: fear to acknowledge who we are, fear of each other, fear of confronting our own perceived reality, fear of acknowledging our soul’s existence, fear of everything that does not conform to our limited perceptions of our own isolated reality.

We would rather stay comfortable in our thought process where we don’t have to accept this responsibility and can shirk it off to someone else. Oh, leave it up to the pastor. I shall go in and confess my sins and absolved myself and get on with my life, business as usual. This does not work. We have not moved anywhere by doing so. We are still stuck in the same perceived reality that we were in when we walked in.

Many Catholics who say, even though the institution is obviously crumbling, still maintain that they’re going to stick with it to the bitter end. To the better end, notice how they have said “bitter end”.

It will take a great awakening on the part of the churches to admit what they have been doing to the masses. But since they have not been willing to do it in the past, an intervention was necessary and we are in the midst of it as we speak. I will leave it at that.

We see the crumbling of one church but when we look at it, the crumbling of the Muslim religion is in the same throes. Religion is not meant to be what it is now. It was not meant to repress the people. It was not meant to instill so much fear into the people that they could not live their lives and experience their soul’s evolution. This was never the intention.

When The Christ essence appeared in the many forms that he has appeared in, it was never to do what organized religions have done to the belief systems of mankind/womankind. As we know, I have stated The Christ essence is going to come into our world again and he is present now as we speak and has been for over twenty years.

He comes with many other Masters to realign the relationships of the people of our world and will stay for some two thousand years. It is not that the Catholic church is going to crumble down completely, nor is any other religious organization. They all are going to be restructured in truth and unity.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is in the process of this realignment now. Old ways must be broken down and truths revealed so that the unification of consciousness can express itself. We are in the midst of a great restructuring of the beliefs of the citizens of our planet. All of our religious organizations will eventually unite together as one truth in alignment with the will and plan of The Creator.

Psychics, Mediums and Channels

There is no distinction. It’s all in relation to how one focuses your abilities. Some will focus on the psychic realms while others will focus more on speaking to souls who are on the Astral Plane. All of us are capable of all three. We have an uncanny way of trying to put things into little boxes. For some reason we feel that if it is contained in a box with a title we are able to understand it better. Our limited perception of reality necessitates this for us.

To be able to tap into the dimension of the Astral plane. This is not hard to do. Any one of us could do this. Humanity is constantly trying to reassure itself of its own ideas of its mortality. It takes a willingness to listen and be able to decipher the voices of those with which we wish to communicate. That is all. It is quit easy. It is to focus our attention in that arena of communication and be able to filter out outside stimulation and distractions. It is a very high level of meditation in a way because the person wishing to communicate must exhibit a certain level of discipline within his/her being. But it is very attainable state for all or us. There is no mystery to it.

Realize that entities in the Astral Plane use a form of symbols and clues. They’re not very adept at communicating. It is up to the entity receiving the information to clarify what he or she is hearing. The higher dimensions of the Astral Plane are a waiting and learning area.

Many times when communicating with a so-called medium, the information that appears to be logical to the entity in waiting does not always make it through in that format. It can come in somewhat distorted at times. This is not rocket science you know. It is very easy thing for all mankind/womankind to do. It’s just a matter of focusing and listening.

Often the problem lies in the area of too many entities wanting to speak to the medium at the same time. As I said before, they are not very good at this and tend to want to jump in and be heard and there lies the confusion. Many of us do not want to communicate because of our fears and religious indoctrination. It is easy to do, but if we do not believe in it, it serves no purpose.

Experiencing The Fourth Dimension

Earth is evolving into the fourth dimension of peace, as I stated in earlier blogs. It is the unity of consciousness dimension. We are being awakened so that we will be able to stay in this dimension because controlling our thoughts will be the key to us being abe to stay there. If we are not ready, we will not be able to stay there.

The knowledge is being given to mankind/womankind to make the necessary changes in his/her life patterns to move along with the planet into this dimension. The planet is still going to be there, but not in the way that we currently are experiencing it.

The fourth dimension refers to a level of awareness and thoughts are instantly manifested into reality. If we create fears for ourselves and we actualize those fears and say kill someone, we will not be able to stay.

This is why I am writing this blog, to try to stimulate you into becoming consciously aware of what you think and believe. This will determine who stays and who does not because thoughts of negativity are not allowed there.

Most likely we won’t be walking down the street one day and all of a sudden “be there,” but then again, it could happen this way. Since this is an unprecedented evolution in the way it will be experienced, no one surely knows just how it will take place. Because of other mitigating factors in our world, it will not happen as it has in the past. It is truly an event that all are watching in our dimensions and others.

It’s a process that’s taking place as we sit here and it is constantly evolving itself. We are diligently putting forth the information to our species to realign our thoughts and to understand why it is necessary to do so.

Now, there will always be some of us who will refuse, and that is where, as I said in earlier blogs, that when the transition of their energy from the physical third dimension is manifested in their next incarnation, they will have to incarnate within the third-dimensional realms where they will be with minds like their own.

It is important because Earth and all the planets in our solar system are moving into higher dimensions at this time. I am also in the process of a grand evolution myself. We have free will to choose, but as this planet moves forward they will not go with it. They will when the time comes have to resurface in the same reality which they have created for themselves on Earth.

Many, of us are happy moving into a new alignment with All That Is and consciously becoming aware of our thoughts and the way they affect our entire Universe. We have moved much information into our books, blogs and media through the use of movies and many of us have accepted it and are diligently trying to lead better, more aware lives. This will continue until such time it is no longer necessary.